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Years ago, in the 1980s, The New Yorker Magazine ran a lengthy article about a trans-sexual: a person who had changed gender. They now call them "transgenders." And though this liberal publication has obviously greatly shifted its views since, along with the rest of the media, the article made it plain that the life of such a person was one of tortuous confusion, desolation, and loneliness.

It was not a pleasant read.

What came through was a spiritual aspect: many times those who are confused about their gender, whether transgender or homosexual, suffer from a spiritual oppression (and deception). We recall ministries in Manhattan that were devoted to delivering men and women from gender confusion -- successfully.

It's not to say every homosexual inclination has an etiology in the demonic. We have no idea. Only God does. There certainly seem to be youngsters who are simply born with the emotional traits of the opposite sex, despite their physiological gender. Many are missing a father or mother figure, coming from broken homes. None of these people -- children of God, whatever the root -- should be held with disdain.

We are all born with shortcomings and challenges -- with inclinations that can lead us to sin. Some are born with a propensity for fornication, others for alcohol abuse, others for violence, anger, prevarication, or criminality. It is a test of free will. Homosexuals often come from broken homes. Thus: we never judge.

Nor should we accept what is abnormal as normal.

With transgenderism and homosexuality, there are even those who wonder if such inclinations might sometimes be the result of hormonal imbalances caused by contaminants in our food and water supplies. A compound called phthalates are known to cause effect on male genital size, and fish downstream from urban effluents have been found with a mixture of male and female reproductive traits. There are what they call sex-changing chemicals.

In addition to all the plastics, cosmetics, shampoos, pesticides, and detergents we flush into our waterway, some such effects may even be attributed -- interestingly enough -- to the widespread use of birth control pills.

In Boulder, Colorado, Wayne Laugesen reported (in the National Catholic Register) some time back that "when EPA-funded scientists at the University of Colorado studied fish in a pristine mountain stream known as Boulder Creek, they were shocked. Randomly netting 123 trout and other fish downstream from the cityís sewer plant, they found that 101 were female, twelve were male, and ten were strange 'intersex' fish with male and female features. Itís 'the first thing that Iíve seen as a scientist that really scared me,' said then 59-year-old University of Colorado biologist John Woodling, speaking to the Denver Post in 2005. They studied the fish and decided the main culprits were estrogens and other steroid hormones from birth-control pills and patches, excreted in urine into the cityís sewage system and then into the creek. Woodling, University of Colorado physiology professor David Norris, and their EPA-study team were among the first scientists in the country to learn that a slurry of hormones, antibiotics, caffeine and steroids is coursing down the nationís waterways, threatening fish and contaminating drinking water."

Pollution there is.

But homosexuality goes back to the beginning of recorded time or somewhere thereabouts, and we see it addressed in books of the Bible like Leviticus and also Romans 1:18-32, which says, "But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness.... That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved." 

Take time to read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11: "Don't you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don't fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people-none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God. Some of you were once like that. But you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God."

No denying what is there in Scripture -- and to make belief in the Bible a hate crime would cause something like a civil war.

So let's just face facts.

A person may be born with the inclination. There may be biological reasons, in some cases. Homosexuals, aside from giving way to this proclivity, are often good, kind folks.

Overall, however, there is a spiritual underpinning. 

Can such folks thus be delivered from such a spirit? 

This aspect is emphasized in a book, They Shall Expel Demons -- how evil spirits take advantage of hurts, sins, and weaknesses.

"There are many forms of lust that open the door to demons in both men and women, noted the famous expert on deliverance, Derek Prince. In the book he recounts the words of a Florida pastor and what occurred when he prayed over a young man who -- while abstaining from his strong homosexual desires -- still struggled with them.

Said the pastor:

"I led the young man in a proclamation renouncing every occult, unclean activity in which he had ever been involved. Then he verbally forgave everyone who had ever harmed him, including men who had abused him sexually in childhood. 'Forgiving them does not mean you agree with what they did,' I explained. 'It simply means that through forgiveness you cut the ropes that keep you tied to the injury they brought into your life.

"In a quiet, authoritative voice, I started quoting Scripture to the spirit. I chose verses reminding [the spirit] of Satan's failure and Jesus' victory. [Example: Hebrews 2:14-15.] I reminded the spirit that it was as powerless to hinder the success of this ministry as it had been to stop the Resurrection of Jesus.

"For about twenty minutes I continued quoting Scripture [see 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, or Luke 10:19]. Several times the young man smiled at me with a seductive, sexy grin. Recognizing that this was merely a manifestation of the spirit, I continued. Suddenly, when I quoted Romans 16:20, something amazing happened. The young man twisted sideways in the chair, grabbed the arm with both hands, and went into a violent, epileptic-like seizure.

"His body lurched forward in a furious, hammering fashion, vibrating sideways at the same time. I held him around the waist, giving him as much support as I could. It was ugly. Yes, demons are ugly.

"The sound coming out of him was equally astonishing.

"A bellowing noise, like that of a wounded bull, roared from his body. The events of Philip's preaching in Samaria [Acts 8:7] came to mind.

 "The seizure lasted several minutes as I continued to rebuke the spirit, commanding it to be quiet and to go. Then, as suddenly as the seizure had begun, the young man collapsed back in the chair, physically and emotionally spent. The room became quiet. The spirit was gone.

"Slowly, reverently, as in worship, the youth raised both arms over his head, weeping and laughing, 'It's gone! It's gone! I felt it go. Praise God, I'm free! It's gone!'

"A moment later he rose from the chair, spending the next half hour walking through the offices singing, laughing, shouting, 'Thank You, Jesus! It's gone! Thank You, Jesus!'

"In that brief period of time, the tormented lifestyle of homosexuality ended. Only its memory would remain."

[resources: They Shall Expel Demons]

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[Feedback from Greg Enos, a lawyer in New York: "Your Spirit Daily recently had a link to an article on the upsurge in transgender people and how it is being handled in the U.S. "It came across my desk a few years ago when I had encountered a client who thought she, too, was 'in the wrong body' and wanted legal services. "Being in private practice, and being self-employed, I declined her case. "However, this has been going on for several decades, ever since World War II. It has become rampant statistically given that some survey results indicate that about 1:10,000 people claim to be transgendered. "Transgender cases were a complete rarity before the Pill came out and the sexual revolution but it is now, given our culture of 'acceptance,' 1:10,000 is a dramatic increase I believe that there is a connection to this upsurge which can also be connected to the dramatic upsurge in reported claims of homosexuality. I was a biology major in college, so studying the root causes in living organisms has always been a curiosity for me. Here, as you can verify by contacting resources from EWTN (specifically shows, if I remember correctly, by Johnette Benkovic, with a M.D. expert on the subject, the use of birth-control pills, patches, and other means of use, whether for actual birth control, abortification or for legitimate medical conditions, e.g., endometriosis), the hormones contained in those 'medications' has an effect on men, their sexual desire for women, and in turn their own sexual self-identity. Apparently these hormones affect the pheromones that women secret which normally cause attraction in men and reverses that attraction, causing men to feel attraction to other men, and women in turn to be attracted to other women. There are findings of fish changing sex, literally, in water which is subject to sewage water coming out of large cities. Perhaps this sounds ridiculous, but I have done some checking myself and from a scientific point of view, this theory isnít nonsense. Finding the absolute proof, though, is the trick. My own research on publicly available web sources so far has been inconclusive, i.e., thereís nothing much to be found on the subject. I remember that in the movie Dr. Strangelove, the crazed colonel played by actor Sterling Hayden, who sent his B-52 bombers off to bomb Russia thought that the chlorinization of the drinking water caused him to lose 'his manly essence.' So maybe most authorities who are in position to check into this think this canít possible be a cause of dramatic problems because it has become so accepted in our culture and used by the medical profession to treat many female conditions outside of contraception and abortification. Some resources on the Web indicate that the amount of such hormones in the water of lakes and other water sources from which people get their drinking water is 'negligible' so that it canít be the cause of either homosexuality or transgender cases. I leave this to you as something to check out. I did a quick check using the search query 'female hormones in drinking causing homosexuality' and got a wealth of hits. I opened one and it indicated that not only do medications get into the water but also male and female hormones that are caused normally when they are urinated into the water and then get into our drinking water and into the water aquifers for agriculture. The amount of meds and hormones, which include a wide variety of meds e.g. heart problems, depression, etc, are all found in a survey commissioned by the Associated Press for twenty-four U.S. cities. It also said that normal doses of pills we take are minimal over time, which is the same rate as the amount of meds and hormones found in our water. But no one, apparently, not the EPA, or any responsible authority, has so far studied the long term effects on humans. Interesting stuff indeed! There may be more on the actual interplay of hormone-pheromone-homosexuality-transgenderism. As a reporter, maybe you have resources and folks to contact as I believe there is a link between the over-prescription of hormone pills and our epidemic of homosexuality and transgenderism. It may be the final proof, if we needed it, that Pope Paulís encyclical against the Pill was right on the money."


But the spiritual aspect seems paramount.

Do not condemn. Never hate. Pray for those afflicted. It often may be rooted in something they could not initially control. Neither accept the working of dark spirits -- which not only lead many of us (from time to time, all of us) to sin, but in the case of radical homosexuals, causes them to lash out at society, demanding that the darkness be accepted, even marrying under the penumbra.


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