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You don't usually think of it in this context, but praise to the Lord -- exalting God -- not only makes Him feel good, not only shows gratitude, not only is always and vastly overdue (we can never thank Him too much, or quick enough) but also wards of evil spirits.

It is a key component of spiritual warfare.

It brings blessings that surround us like a bubble.

The devil's nettles, his arrows, his birdshot, his canon fire bounce off of us -- when we praise God.

This is a big lesson. He is the Maker of all Creation -- perhaps not even just one universe, but countless ones. And eternity!

Think about that.

And praising Him unleashes His Power.

This is the focus of a new and anointed book by the charismatic Catholic Maria Vadia -- so known for miracles of deliverance. We like her work.

"Recently in a meeting in my brother's house where the high praises of God were being released, a newcomer came into the meeting," she writes in Jesus: Man of War. "It turns out that she was deeply depressed. The week before, her family had Baker-Acted her because they were afraid she would commit suicide. She said later on during the praise she started to feel evil spirits moving inside her body and she started to 'shake.' She experienced 'something' leaving her and by the time she left the meeting she was filled with the joy of the Lord!

"Yes: when we praise the Lord a shaking begins so that reversals, freedom, and Divine order are released in our lives!

"I saw this lady come into the meeting. She just stood, as if paralyzed, watching everyone else praise the Lord. But just like in Acts 16, where all the prisoners enjoyed the benefits of Paul's and Silas's praise, this woman enjoyed the benefits of our praise, just by being there! The spirit of depression was 'shaken' out of her!"

When suffering, praise Him. When in joy, praise Him. When afraid, praise Him. When trying to make a decision, praise Him. When searching for the truth, praise God.

When attacked, praise Him. Simply, praise puts us closer to the Lord.

The next time you feel oppression, whether an outright, crushing circumstance, or just a sting (you know how that is: something relentless, something intractable, or just a needling, but a persistent one) just remember to praise God.

Praise You Jesus.

Praise You, God the Father!

Praise You, Lord!

Want to learn how?

Want real power?

Pick up the Book of Psalms.

Read through it this Lent!

You'll find power and miracles there.

Praise, praise, and praise again.

Have praise on your lips, please, always: Praise God instead of wasting time on superfluous thoughts.

It will take you to another realm.

It will take you to a higher anointing.

Expect resistance, of course. "The enemy will try to stop you," explains Vadia. "He doesn't want you to go through that door of destiny, and there will be warfare in that gate! So learn how to respond like Paul and Silas did, praying and praising the Lord in tough and difficult times where there seems to be no way out. The Bible talks about the 'key of David' in Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7," she notes (and notes well). "A key is a tool to open or close doors.

"Because David was an authentic worshiper of God, we can say that the key of David is the key of worship.

"True worship is the key to open doors! Doors open in an atmosphere where Jesus is being lifted up, praised, and worshiped."

Doors open to your higher anointing; and the highest anointing is your destiny.

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