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Challenging Our Discernment Are The Prophecies Admonishing Us to 'Prepare'

By Michael H. Brown

We give air to prophecy here -- to "words of knowledge," as some know it -- and the word we keep getting is "prepare." That has been from even before the death of John Paul II, but the death of a prophetic pope just steps it up.

"Prepare." What exactly might that mean? It is for your discernment, which must be done through prayer, fasting, and a beseeching of the Holy Spirit. Emphasize here fasting.

There are some interesting things. There is the alleged "2004 prophecy" that we have cited -- the prediction received just days before last December's tsunami  -- and in it a puzzling sentence. After foretelling of a "major disruption in a region of the world," it added, "The politics of denial will be met as with a plague" [see prophecy].

That made no sense -- until the Schiavo tragedy. The politics of denial...

Time and again, as Terri's parents, the Schindlers, desperately fought to save her life, they were met with constant, unremitting, and heartless denials. "Circuit court denies," "Federal judge denies," "Appeals court denies" "Supreme Court denies"...

Did the death of Terri Shiavo bear prophetic significance? Her own father feels that it had larger significance, that it was in the Plan of God, and a "test" for America. We have already noted that world-known mystic Maria Esperanza of Venezuela, in one of her last prophecies, said that major events would occur after "an innocent person" (she emphasized "innocent person") died in a way that would "shock the world."

Are these legitimate promptings of the Spirit? I don't speak of the end of the world here. I never have. I speak of purification, of a speed-up in time, of a precipitation of events from society to nature. It looms from the signs we see. And so, once more, the word, "prepare."

It is not the end of time but a time of preparation for a purification that is intensifying.

Something approaches; perhaps Pope John Paul II, in the sacrifice of his illness, held it off; perhaps he mitigated it. But something comes -- if not this year, the next, or after that, but soon enough, barring a massive change in human behavior.

Something is coming. Something is on the way. Average people are getting the same prompt. A person close to us, a person who is no seer, saw the "miracle of the sun" on March 10 and was overcome with powerful unexpected emotions after hearing what she believes was a message. "The Lord 'spoke' and told me that a big event was coming -- very serious," she wrote in a diary. "He said, 'You must prepare, you must prepare.'"

That was March 10, and on that very same day, independently, a viewer named Lorraine Deyette of East Hartford, Connecticut, reported that she heard the words, "This will be a time of testing of your faith as never before. Many will come in My Name and say that this way or that way is My way but remember not one letter shall be changed in My Bible, for it stands alone. For it is my book of life and will never be changed. My people should not fear this time when your hearts, souls, and minds will be tested... PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE for when I come again I come as a  Just  God. Love Me first and then your neighbor, serve Me by serving your neighbor."

At the same time a flyer arrived in the mail from a group of contemplative nuns in Nebraska, led by the well-known Mother Nadine Brown, who plans a retreat called, "Prepare the Way of the Lord!"

In a home west of the Mississippi where statues allegedly have been exuding and bleeding for years there are now alleged messages as well. "As a friend in Christ the Lord, I share with you today that my husband has been receiving locutions since December l8th, 2004, from Jesus our Savior," claimed a woman who wishes to remain unnamed but is under Church guidance. "There are 26 messages so far and each one is filled with warnings to 'be prepared.'"

There is that word again. What about prophecies that already may have materialized?

One alleged seer in Texas reported on December 2 (three weeks before the tsunami) that it was going to be an especially difficult month. "Heaven has allowed me to see many sufferings in our country, and in other parts of the world," she said. "There will be major tidal waves caused by earthquakes that will take thousands of lives...

"In these visions, I have seen the event itself as it happened and the devastation of the aftereffect. When these disasters first began, I see people enjoying themselves, not aware of the horror which is about to happen. Then all of a sudden I hear horrible screams, I see people running everywhere, cars crashing into one another, buildings and homes being swept away, the people and the children are screaming and crying. Mothers cannot protect their children, families get lost among the chaos. I see an earthquake, it is huge in magnitude. I cover my face as I, too, am crying. I experience much fear. I pray for mercy, for mercy, for mercy. Then I see a huge mountain of water coming over many parts of small cities. The mountain of water covers these areas like a huge blanket. Many people are swept away by the waters. These areas are ruined."

We try to be both careful and open. The prophetic element is missing in our Church. But it has to be carefully weighed. Even correct predictions can be from the wrong source (the devil knows certain aspects of the future), but we are admonished by Scripture to watch the signs of the times -- and they are all around us.

There are regional events. There are strange rumblings (as foreseen in the forerunner of the 2004 prophecy). At the very time we encounter the "politics of denial," we hear the various threats of, yes, plague.

Epidemics. There is suddenly a warning on influenza virus kept in dozens of laboratories. It is ordered destroyed -- too dangerous. If it escapes it could cause a pandemic. There are scares over bird flu, which the Centers for Disease Control believe is the single greatest medical threat to mankind. There are reports from Africa of Ebola-like sicknesses over-running a clinic, a virulent disease that causes the body to bleed out of control, to "melt down," known as Marburg.


And all the while, there are disturbances from any number of volcanoes, as the planet itself seems uneasy.

Was there meaning to the eclipse on the day of John Paul II's funeral -- and the fact that there was also one on the day he was born? Is there significance in the fact that other Christian denominations are receiving similar "words"? Or is it just that there is always a cacophony of warnings?


One Christian missionary named Timothy Snodgrass makes some claims that must be taken with great circumspection. Again, we are called to discern, to review prophecy and take from it what is good, what we are guided to take by the Holy Spirit. If nothing else, we should heed the calls to fasting. His claim, made several days ago:

"Today, on April 8th, 2005, we have begun our 40-day fast for the South Pacific, and for inhabitants of the Pacific coastal regions from Alaska to Argentina, and from New Zealand to the Aleutian Islands. If you happen to be reading this report on a later date, and have not yet joined us on the fast, we encourage you to do so at whatever level you are physically able. Many will be doing a limited Daniel Fast (fruits & vegetables; no breads, meats or pleasure foods) but however you fast, remember to pray fervently for the people of the Pacific coastlands; for revival, mercy, and spiritual awakening.

"If you have any doubts as to the validity of the timing of this fast, or are not sure if it was called by God or man, then look closely at the dates, published months in advance (April 8 - May 18). Every major prophetic warning is followed by major signs, which have the signature of God, easy to recognize if you examine the pattern of events. Pope John Paul II was born during an eclipse on May 18, 1920 (look at the date: May 18). Only God knew in advance that Pope John Paul would be buried in Rome 84 years later, during a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2005, the beginning of the 40-day fast. Think about that for a minute: On the very day this 40-day fast was called months in advance, not only did skies darken across the South Pacific from a total eclipse, but flags were lowered around the world at half-staff from the death of John Paul II. This 40-day fast will end on John Paul's birthday, May 18 (Washington residents will of course recognize that date as being the anniversary of the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens). If you look closely at this pattern of events, you can only come to one conclusion: the signature of God on the fast is clearly evident, and the warning for the South Pacific is chillingly valid and time-sensitive.

"One month prior to the great December 26 Sumatra quake, we forewarned of the Great Indonesia Quake and tsunami in our November 11, 2004 report. Now we are warning of greater seismic events to follow in 2005, unless their prayer, fasting and repentance for the sake of the inhabitants of the coastlands. Indonesia would be impacted tremendously, and tsunami would make the 33-foot waves from the 12/26/04 quake look small in comparison. Short of angelic intervention, the epicenter of the quake will be SE of the 9.3 Sumatra quake, putting at risk New Zealand, Australia, Polynesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Tsunami height would decrease as the wave traveled across the Pacific, but still remain significant as far away as Los Angeles and Anchorage. This warning is given for the purpose of averting the magnitude and timing event, for the sake of the inhabitants of the coasts. We pray that this cataclysm never takes place. Keep in mind, great quakes are inevitable before Christ returns; however, we believe that this specific event is not inevitable or written in stone. If you examine prophetic warnings given for this event, and warnings given for Indonesia's great December quake on 11/11/04, you will see some major differences. No call to prayer and fasting was given for Indonesia, and the 11/11/04 warning was given in the context of a progressive judgment. But in the case of this warning for the South Pacific, there appears to be an opportunity for repentance and grace. Only angelic intervention can relieve the tectonic pressures building in the South Pacific region, which is nearing the point of a cataclysmic conclusion. If you happen to live near the Pacific coastal regions, be encouraged: prayer can move mountains! Will you join us during this time of prayer and fasting for the Pacific?"

Among these areas of concern in 2005, he asserts, are Alaska, the Canadian and U.S. West Coast, and the South Pacific. But it isn't all bad news.

"In January of 2004, as we began to intercede for the New Year the Holy Spirit gave us the prophetic slogan, 'The Seas will Roar in 2004,'" he added. "This year we were given a new slogan, 'The Impossible will come Alive in 2005.' As the veil of darkness begins to come down over nations and regions, along with great shakings will come great breakthroughs; signs, wonders, healings and a spectacular release of miracles in impossible circumstances."


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