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Prophecy May Be Imperfect, But Urgency Is Expressed As There Is Thinning Of 'Veil'

In Sacred Scripture is a remark that is rarely if ever quoted. "Our knowledge is imperfect and our prophesying is imperfect," says 1 Corinthians 13:9 in the New American Bible, the one approved by our bishops.

The point is that love is more important than any spiritual gift, including knowledge of the future, or any knowledge, for that matter. If you are not learning love, don't bother with mysticism.

It's a fascinating admonition, but just a few lines later St. Paul adds that it is important to "set your hearts on spiritual gifts -- above all, the gift of prophecy."

The prophet, he says, is greater than he who speaks in tongues. The prophet builds up the Church -- when prophecy is coupled with love (and used properly, as opposed to a topic for entertainment).

Prophecy is "for those who have faith," said Paul -- and perhaps this is one reason it in currently held in such low regard.

At the same time, few areas necessitate more caution.

We are not sure how to interpret most of the myriad of "messages" we receive from various locutionists and seers but there is a general sense that, in words we have used before, and that we see recently from a friend in Canada, the veil is thinning -- that the truth is becoming clearer for those with eyes to see and that the true nature of people and the situation of the world will be there to view.

It is like something is trying to break through. If they are not the product of deception or imagination (pareidolia), the images of Christ and His Blessed Mother in clouds, in trees, in ice, in candles, in shells, in altar cloths, in reflections, in geographical formations, in wood, on doors, in windows, on walls, in Hosts-- at first seemingly outlandish, even goofy -- may in some cases represent that thinning of the partition between our dimension and the spiritual one.

There is the sense that matters cannot continue as they are. Catholics have long labeled our period as a time of mercy or "grace" (the word Mary herself, at the more credible apparitions, has repeatedly used), and in Protestant circles, it is known as a time of "anointing."

Great miracles have been occurring, but this time is running out.

Such was expressed recently by Pat Robertson, the controversial evangelical leader and broadcaster.

"If Iím hearing the Lord right, there are such extraordinary things that are going to take place: victory over demonic powers, victory of healing, some dramatic miracles taking place in peopleís lives," he prophesied for 2007.

"And the Lord said itís going to seem to the people like Heaven has come down to earth. Itís going to be that good. Itís going to be really an extraordinary demonstration of Godís power. The other thing He said was that this is the final year of the great demonstration of His grace to the world. For the last 12 years, we have evangelism unprecedented in countries like India and Indonesia and Nigeria and so forth. Well, that is going to come, I think, to an end, at least that great anointing. Well, the other thing I felt was that evil men, evil people, are going to try to do evil things to us and to others during the last part of this year. I donít know whether itíll be in the fall or September or later on, but itíll be the second half, somehow, of 2007. There will be some very serious terrorist attacks. The evil people will come after this country. And thereís a possibility thatónot a possibly, a definite certainty that chaos is going to rule, and the Lord said that the politicians will not have any solutions for it. Thereís just going to be chaos. And, of course, we saw chaos in the Gulf after Katrina. The politicians had no answers."

It is a theme matched in somewhat different verbiage in Catholic circles.

One example: In northern California is a couple who for several years now have experienced well-documented exudations from various statues and religious depictions, and have also received what they believe are messages. They have remained anonymous under the order of their spiritual director, Father Seraphim Michalenko, who is associated with the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and who granted permission for release a message the husband received, ostensibly from the Virgin Mary, at 10 a.m. on January 16, 2007, as he prayed before the Blessed Sacrament.

We offer it for discernment as an example of the many messages that are sent our way, and that follow that theme of time dwindling -- as has been stated for years now.

"My son, I come to you with a message for the world: 

"My children, look around and see the emptiness and darkness that Satan has brought upon you. Your lives become meaningless if Jesus is locked out of your hearts.  Look, my children, at the way you live your lives. 

"My child, I, your Heavenly Mother, desire to spread my mantle over mankind and bring all before the Throne of God.  Protection from the evil one will come through your prayers received by your Heavenly Mother and placed at the feet of my Son. I wish to surround Jesus with these precious gifts. 
"My children, there is so much strength in prayer. It is the lifeline to God who is truly merciful. I ask you my children, please do not deny Him for then there can be no mercy. The mercy which is His compassionate love for all who come to Him with contrite hearts. 
"My children, it is through your acceptance of God's Will that purification, so necessary for spiritual growth, begins in your hearts.

"My children, God in His infinite goodness has created you in His image and you must seek to become His likeness. 
"My children, Satan now sees the end before him and will not cease in his efforts to destroy souls, for being denied the love of God, he wishes to spite the Almighty. If you my children, would cooperate with my plans for the world, calling all to conversion, my Immaculate Heart will overcome satan and his demons. God's greatness will be showered upon the faithful.

"As the rain falls, so it will be drops of love from the heart of your mother. Your prayers turn these drops from sorrow into joy. God, my children, chooses everyone but not everyone chooses God. As He looks down from Heaven, He sees a mankind that has become united with Satan. The wrath of the Almighty must be appeased. Truly, my children, His patience is coming to an end. God does not wish to punish you, my children, but to give you all good things. If you answer Satan's call, then this cannot be possible. God has given all His children free will and grace of the knowledge of salvation. He came down from Heaven in the form of Jesus Christ to live among you. Through His Church, Jesus has given the sacraments but so few make these gifts their way of life. 

"Time and time again, Jesus has warned you that many will cry out, "Save me Lord," but it will be too late for those souls who have not converted. 

"My children, please come to Him now. Open your hearts and consecrate yourselves to Him. God's forgiveness and mercy are without end. He wants so much for you to understand how much He loves you. He longs for His children and how each soul lost to Satan crucifies Him on the Cross. He suffers so, my children. His pain never ends as He cries out to you to change your lives.  If you only knew the true joy of being with your Father in Heaven, to be filled with His eternal Spirit and to share His infinite love. 

"My children, God will not carry each of you to Heaven and hell to preview what awaits you. Your time of decision is now.  He guides you with faith and your reward is everlasting life in Heaven.

"Praised be Jesus now and forever."

(Message Given:  January 16, 2007 @ Holy Rosary Parish Fatima Chapel as Craig prayed before the Blessed Sacrament, 10:00 am.  Message written down after arriving home)

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