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A woman who receives unusual prophetic visions recently wrote us that, "Last night I had a dream that was as real as day. In my dream I saw items on a table. The table was not as high as a dining table, but not as low as an end table.

"The items looked ordinary; all were different and all were beautiful. I could not take my eyes off them. I touched them, I felt them, I wanted them, but what were they? They were extraordinarily beautiful in an ordinary way. A voice behind me said these were virtues. I knew instantly that it was the Voice of God, but never turned to look at Him because I was so mesmerized by the items on the table.

"Then the Voice told me that the items were gifts. I said, 'you must be kidding me; something this beautiful, this valuable is a gift?' I said what a fortunate person it was, to receive such gifts. Even though they were gifts, they were not wrapped and I continued to look at and touch them -- they were so beautiful. I asked whom they were for and God told me they were free to anyone who wanted them. I could not believe that they were free because they were so beautiful. I could not take my eyes off them."

Nor should we. Often, what we seek or should seek is there for the asking: the gift of restraint, the gift of humility, the virtue of kindness, and diligence, and patience. The gifts of chastity and temperance.

God bequeaths these to those who seek them and we never reach full peace until they are attained.

Sometimes, it first means casting out an opposing spirit (the spirit of pride, or lust, or selfishness, or anger) in the Name of Jesus.

God wants to replace those with the gifts for you of bravery, modesty, and reverence. He can grant you self-control and wisdom.

Keep your eyes on such gifts. Yearn for them. Ask for them. These gifts are beyond the eyes of the world. Meanwhile, don't stress out. Ask, seek with diligence, and let God take you where you need to be through the timing of prayer. Forsake worldliness, which takes your eyes off Heaven. (How easily this occurs. Did you ever notice how much peace you lose the longer you are "tuned in" to the events of men?)

Worldliness causes a narrow view that invites the deception of the enemy and causes us to miss God's blessings. Worldliness is believing that the Order of God parallels the Order of Man, which it decidedly does not. Worldliness is somehow buying into the notion that every little matter in the "news" has great consequence when we must ask: how many "historic" events will actually never be remembered beyond this decade?

Everything these days is "historic"!

We are currently in Omaha, where we once met a police officer who had a near-death experience during heart failure and came back with this lesson (as far as worldliness): "There are no big deals on earth."

When we die, we will view "important" matters of earth in a way that is vastly different. We will see the importance of virtues -- and how, no matter our current failings, they are available to all of us!

Are you a perfectionist? Do you tend to want to accomplish everything at once?

Maybe it's time to relax.  Pray, pray, pray, and seek the gifts. We all should aim for perfection -- perfect purity. It is a goal of existence. But also, you need to be who God placed you to be -- and operate in spiritual growth according to His timing. Trying to do too much at one time can be discouraging and frustrating.

Be a marathon runner, not always a sprinter (which is worldliness). Sprinters use short bursts of speed that often burn out after a flash of the spectacular while marathon runners last over time and cover a greater distance. Every day, work on one part of you that needs cleansing or "fixing" and then move to the next. Hover not on failures. Build your temple brick by brick. Today is another day. Start afresh. Cast wrong spirits out. Remember to ask for the virtues. Concentrate on them and doing what you failed to do yesterday. This will bring you momentum. Be who God meant you to be. He placed you here to learn. Seek the march of the Spirit. He gave you certain challenges that should serve for your growth -- if you simply remain who you really are, seeking not what the world thinks is "great," but what God offers so freely.

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