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Who are you? What is the real "you"? Has the real "you" been distorted by worldliness and other people (friends and foes alike)? If so your soul needs to be healed (ask Our Lady of Lourdes).

These are important questions  if we want to fulfill our missions from the Lord -- and if we want to feel comfortable (peace) in our own skins.

They are also crucial questions because when we die, we step into who we really are. It's a theme we need to repeat.

For who we really are can be obscured by working in the wrong place, living in the wrong place, being around the wrong people. It is caused by "wrong thinking." It is caused by straying from our missions.

Upon death, we will see things in their entirety. There will be a perspective with aspects that will surprise us. If we purify here on earth -- and empty ourselves -- we will not be so surprised! ("If anyone wants to be a follower of Me, let him renounce Himself," Luke 9:13.)

Indeed, the clearest Face of God is seen as Jesus on the Cross that's because He had completely emptied Himself of "self" and filled Himself with the Father. Do we seek to do likewise? We can only exude holiness if we are filled with it.

When we cast out pride,  we don cleanliness. The robe we wear into eternity is without blemish -- white. The surprises we encounter are good ones.

We have returned to the person God made us to be. When we find ourselves we find our missions. God gives us certainty in identity while the devil whispers "who?".

This life is a constant battle with worldliness and the facade of wealth, which separate us from our true inner being. Our challenge: to erase everything in our spirits that is of the standards of the world; only then will we find "who we really are."

Seek not the heights of the world but the depths of the spirit (which is the height of the soul). The peak of worldliness is celebrity and it is like a hot-air balloon -- prominent and high in the eyes of the earth but filled with no substance and easily pricked, leaving no trace when it is gone.

This is ego and it surrounds us in such a way that it obscures the real us.

You are meant to be the best you can be and should not let the world or others define who "you" are. Who you really are is between you and God. He sees you as naked despite what you adorn yourself with. He always knows where to find you. He "knitted" you in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5).

The real you is the most joyful you have ever been, the "you" at the peak of work and love and fun, the "you" that you felt when you loved the most, cared the most, were the most balanced, gave the most -- straight from the heart.

The real you is when you held the greatest hope, were most confident (but without ego), when you felt at your prime (which is how you will manifest in Heaven). It's the "you" when you had the most self-control, when you felt youthful and yet mature, when you were at the holiest point in your life.

Or do we define ourselves by material objects?

Remember that you stray from your true being when you fill yourself with the agenda of the world because then there is no room for God. You must not cling to past hurts, which is hiding in your wounds instead of those of Jesus ("by His wounds we are healed," Isaiah 53:45). Forgive, forgive, and forgive; it will bring you to love and humility!

We must stop seeing ourselves with the eyes of others; we must love while not allowing others to intrude inside our boundaries; we must sometimes keep a healthy distance if others try to control us ("Then He withdrew from them and knelt down and prayed," Matthew 26:36). The Lord will whisper you back to your soul. Cling not to humans but only to Him. Pray for balance. Pray for joy -- in any circumstance.

Who are you? What are you? What is your mission? When does your conscience warn that you have strayed?

They are deep good questions at a time of grace when we have the opportunity to wash our spirits and prepare for the day that will come for all of us when we are released from this structure called a body and must strive at that point for a return to the purity of the moment we were born.

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