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There are many layers to the "you" that is you and it is not until you peal the false layers and get to the essence of the you who God created that you have a clear path to completing your purpose in life.

These layers are placed on you by others and also by yourself and they pile up if we focus or fret about the expectations of other people instead of focusing on the perspective of God.

When we are "who" others want us to be, we usually are not who God had in mind. It's like yeast. There's good yeast and there is bad yeast. Good yeast builds us up. Bad yeast puffs us up. Good yeast is what helps us grow in a way that feeds those we encounter while false yeast or too much of it from too many "cooks" causes a product that's more air than substance. Perhaps that is why the holiest Bread we know is unleaven (it is where God resides.)

Seek bread not for its height but for how it multiplies.

The giant sins of materialism, sensuality, and pride (grossly underestimated in our time) afflict so many who seek religion but not the spirit thereof. It is Styrofoam.

There is falsity.

Styrofoam is 98 percent air and two percent plastic.

Neither does the plastic dissipate (it lasts a hundred years; and for us, perhaps eternity).

When we have pain, it is time to step back and evaluate the pain because there are many times when God uses pain to call us back to who we really are.

Pain is a sign.

Illness is a sign.

Accidents are no accident.

Imbalance in the spirit translates to the natural.

There is purification through pain because it brings us to this realization.

Much pain we can avoid by praying with fervor to be pure and to be who we really are, which pokes a hole in the falsity that is like a balloon and barrier around us.

There are layers put on us at school, at play, at work, at home, at the club, and we must peel them off like the layers of an onion and sometimes with the same tears.

You curl your hair and uncurl it and tint it and color it and change the color and make it long and make it short and switch the brands for your clothes and it is a mirage.

The real "you" has nothing to do with the material and has to exert little effort to exude attractiveness.

The real "you" is beautiful because it is the truth. It is the Truth of the One Who formed you. It is your destiny (and you won't reach your destiny without it).

It needs no costume.

It needs no makeover (or facade).

You are most beautiful or handsome when you love.

No one who loves is unattractive (despite physical features, which love overcomes).

Others will see that (if subconsciously).

In Heaven, the purity of your soul will form your identity.

It is radiant.

When you are who you really are, there is peace, and no tranquility without that. The soul will not rest until it expresses its authentic self.

The real "you" has little to do with the clothes you wear or car you drive or house in which you live.

There may be indications there. There may be signs of humility (if your home is humble). There may be signs of cleanliness (if your home is clean). There may be orderliness (which is good).

But all else is a mirage and our era's great deception.

--Michael H. Brown

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