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Believe It Or Not, There's Not A Person In The World More Important Than You

By Michael H. Brown

Do you ever hear people say how blessed they are -- that God has blessed them with a job, or wealth, or health? Do you ever wonder why some folks seem to have it all while you struggle?

As astonishing as it may sound to you, no one is more blessed than you are. You heard that right: no one is more blessed than another. God loves each one of us equally, and so it only follows that He would bless us equally. 

You're as much a "V.I.P." as anyone. There are really no "very important people" with the Lord. In fact, when we get to the "other side," we may be shocked to see how those who seemed so important here on earth are not so important in eternity. Fame means nothing to the Lord. He looks for goodness. And when we're good, when we love, when we pass the trials of life, we add to His plan for the universe. "I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in a great plan for the salvation of mankind," said the Virgin at Medjugorje. "You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God's design."

No doubt you're asking how that could possibly be -- how you could be as blessed or as great as someone who is rich or famous, savvy or sleek. The answer is that everyone is given equal gifts, it's just that some are not as obvious as others. Money is not always a blessing. Sometimes, yes. To one, He may gift ease in finances;  to another, children; to another, the ability to be a good housewife; to another, the knack for devotion; to another, health; to another, athletic skill; to another, generosity, or a pleasant disposition; to another, a wonderful spouse; to another -- well, you get what we mean. 

But just as He equally gifts us, so does He expect us to use those gifts. They must fit into His plan, and one of God's greatest gifts is suffering. When offered up, it has a potent effect on all of creation, and it advances the spirit. It's worth more than good looks or riches or nearly anything. "If only you were aware how beneficial sufferings are for the soul!" said the revelations of a nun in purgatory. "They are the most tender caresses which the Divine Spouse can give to her whom He wishes to unite more closely to Himself. He sends to that favored soul cross upon cross, suffering upon suffering, in order to detach it from this world."

That person who seems so sleek? Who seems to glide through life? Who has it "all"?

It is often "all" on the surface. It's worldly. You'll likely see the emptiness if you look deep enough -- while in the mundane, un-Hollywood lifestyle, in the trials of average life, are the choicest blessings. This is dramatic because it means that all the time you've been wondering why everyone else is so blessed (while you've been having a hard time), you may have been the one with the greatest anointing! 

How could this be? Why would God give misfortune?

The harder our struggle on earth and the more acceptingly we take suffering, the more merits we receive and the quicker we purify, which means the quicker we find our way to heaven. It's the way God sent His own Son, and what could be a bigger blessing? What could be more important (after death) than a quick route to Jesus? 

So go through your life and take stock. If you really think about it, if you really look at things as the Holy Spirit does, if you pray long enough, you'll want to be only who you already are. There will be no room for jealousy. You'll envy no one any longer. The gifts you've been given will suddenly appear before you and you'll be surprised how many (subtle or obvious) there have been!

That's because you're at least tied for "most important person in the world," and you'll see that one day when God embraces you as if you were the only one in the universe. 


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