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In no circumstance will you not be vindicated if you trust in the Lord.

It may not be as quickly as you like, but it will happen if you simply let go of it.

In most circumstances, when someone offends you, you have to pray for that person and victory will come. I have seen many times when someone who started as a bitter enemy ended up as a friend because I ignored a slight. In some way, whoever hurts you will be brought to atone for that hurt. Let God decide how.

Does that mean we never complain? There are times that we have to go through proper channels and make a situation known to the authorities, or to the offending person himself or herself. At times were called to admonish. But we have to do it with love. We are never to be propelled by the negative. God places situations and people in our lives in order to develop our ability to love, and if we have love, good things occur. When we let Him, God turns us from victims into victors. If you love in all situations, you can find His wonders even in what seems galling.

If there is a temptation to lash out (especially in this season of family get-togethers), look upon it as an opportunity to love in difficult circumstances. The more difficult the hurdle, the greater the merit. It is never productive to place your heart in a marinade of bitterness. A middle-aged woman in a wheelchair had been very angry with God ever since her only two pregnancies had miscarried, a British psychiatrist once reported. In a church Eucharistic service, she apologized for her anger and prayed for the two children. Suddenly, a hot glow penetrated her whole being, she rose to her feet, and then walked all the way home.

She might have remained a cripple if she had kept hold of her pride, which had cemented her spirit. Pride is the cement of discontent. It is hoarding love.

If you are oppressed or cant find peace, or your prayers are not answered, yes, search for Gods Will, but also look for pride. We must work to rectify any such manifestations of it, for pride above all blocks miracles. I have mentioned it often because it is the greatest source of spiritual stress and as the thesaurus tells us, pride is self-admiration, self-glorification, self-love, self-sufficiency (in the sense of relying on ourselves instead of God), and vainglory. Pride is jealousy. It is envy. It is a sense (often hidden) of superiority. When there is over-ambition, when there is competition, when there is a constant yearning for more, when you are too easily insulted, it is pride again, and it sends us into a tailspin of anxiety.

Pride blocks happiness and to root it out takes the Holy Spirit.

Upon request, He will search out pride so cleverly rooted that you may never find it.

Many times a major spiritual issue is ingrained to the point where it reveals itself only when we specifically ask that it be revealed at which time it will come to the surface in some fashion. Often God shows us our shortcomings through mysterious sequences of events. What is blocking me, Lord? Why am I lacking the miraculous? we do well to ask.

However the answer arrives, and however long it takes, He never fails to answer.

[Adapted from Michael H. Brown's The God of Miracles]

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