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With the Mayan apocalypse "prediction" predictably failing (actually, it was an interpretation of the Mayan calendar cycles) comes relief -- not over the fact that fireballs didn't strike, but that such diversions stop diverting from what may be legitimate prophetic indications.

It is the devil's ruse: to use hype and falsity (along with hyper-skepticism) to dilute legitimate intuitions and even "words of knowledge" concerning the future, which -- Mayans or no Mayans -- portends to be remarkable.

It will also be challenging.

"When the prophetic secrets of the Blessed Mother are revealed in Medjugorje, the Catholic Church will find itself in a great ordeal, as much for the world as for the faithful, and a little of this suffering has already started," said Ivan Dragicevic, a seer from that alleged site, which the Vatican has studied and in coming months may make a statement about, perhaps granting it shrine status without validating or invalidating the apparitions (and prophecies) themselves.

In our discernment (which is just that: an opinion), and is based not on any single set of apparitions (but the general current of prophetic utterance), we believe the world does face huge events; actually, "huge, huge, huge" ones. (We'll use that as a means of trying to depict the extent of what we believe will be future change.)

In his statement,  which was aired by Father Livio Fangaza of Radio Maria-Italy, Dragicevic mentioned that "a little" of what is in the secrets (at least, his secrets) already has begun, which fits with what we have observed during the past couple of decades: that regional events (various storms, weather swerves, quakes, societal upsets, tsunamis, and other events) are part of a build-up -- and preview -- of what in the next few years and decades will come.

Look at how hurricanes built up to "Katrina." Look at how "northeasters" (starting perhaps around the time of the "perfect storm" in the early 1990s) built up to "Sandy." Look at how little economic tremors built to the financial crisis of 2008. Look at how hurricanes and quakes have at times taken place within days of each other. Look at how little rampages have graduated into large ones.

One thing builds into something larger and that builds into something larger still. It is (again our discernment) the gradual nature of transformation. It is also God's patience and Mercy (the way He evolves matters).

If we face a "huge" event or series of events, such adjectives are a means of perspective. Perhaps one might say that events such as "Sandy" and "Sandy Hook" could be categorized as "large"; events like September 11 and "Katrina" and Fukushima as "very large"; and that we have not yet encountered something truly "huge."

Perhaps this gives us a way of beginning to get our minds around coming situations that may  be bigger than just one "huge." Something truly huge would perhaps be destruction of a portion of a major country.

We have not seen anything like that as yet, although the Asian tsunami on Christmas night eight years ago came close (call that also "very large"). Ivan said we have experienced "a little" of what will occur. He says he has been given nine secrets by the Blessed Mother. Several visionaries there have been granted ten. They do not know what is in each other's secrets. Most recently, another visionary said that for the first time in thirty-one years, the Infant Jesus spoke a public message there. (What does that portend?) When Ivan said we have already seen a little, one then wonders -- if it has to do with the Church -- what more may be coming as far as scandals, falling away of the faithful, or (most likely) persecution. If "little" refers to recent events in the world, it gets back to the size analogies: Few are those who stop to consider how big things could be.

But end of the world?

No. We don't and never did believe that. As we often have said: transformation. Simplification. Purification.

When we look around at what man has created, and how far we have strayed from what God created (not to mention His standards of  good morals), we see how huge the events by definition must be.

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[Footnote from a report after "Sandy": "The storm upended life most dramatically perhaps in the wealthier towns of Fairfield County, which is known for its hedge funds, New York City commuters and consistently high ratings for quality of life. Along the shoreline community of Westport, remnants of Sandy's wrath were everywhere canoes, massive sewer pumps and propane tanks ripped from homes in jumbled heaps at the end of streets."] 


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