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From the mailbag:


We can go too far in anything. When do we go too far in seeing evil? The other day someone sent the famous photograph of President George W. Bush listening as an aide informed him in a classroom about the attacks of September 11. It was pointed out that between the two men was a child's drawing on a wall that looked like a person with two horns. Was it one of those strange coincidences (which we do share, from time to time)? Perhaps it seemed so at first, especially for those unfamiliar with cartoons and hairdos. But  it was actually a little girl wearing coned barrettes near her forehead. 

There are the two extremes: not seeing any signs of evil, and imputing too much to forces of darkness. From time to time, we're all guilty of falling into one of those two columns. What about the "superstition" that a full or new moon has physical, psychological, and even spiritual effects? This we approached last summer, based on a new Christian book (Purging Your House, Pruning your Family Tree) that makes such a claim (for us to discern).

"I read your article on the full moon and wanted to comment," wrote a woman from Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. "I am a teacher and we often joke in school about children's disruptive behavior during a full moon. It may seem funny, but it is true -- children always seem to be louder and unsettled during this time. I have known of teachers who would not schedule exams during a full moon for fear the children would not be able to stay focused. However, I wholeheartedly agree about the offering of prayer in situations like this. During my 32 years of teaching kindergarten I have always had very large classes, 25 to thirty students. Every morning I arrive very early to bless my room with Holy Water and Blessed Salt, and offer prayers for the children and their families, and ask the Holy Spirit to help me be aware of the needs of my children. In all these years, I have never had disruptive students and they have always been excellent learners. In fact, many of my fellow co-workers often comment on how such a large group of children can be so well behaved. Being that I work in the public school system, I have to be careful (unfortunately) about who I tell about my daily procedure. I do believe that the daily blessing of my room and prayers for the students have helped them achieve their best potential."

"Concerning the new article on superstition, I can provide a little input on the effects of the new moon," adds Pete Martin of Albuquerque. "While living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area during the late 90's and early 2000's, the medical doctor I was seeing was also someone who was involved in spiritual aspects of health. She would have monthly meetings for those of her patients who were interested in coming and learning more about these spiritual sides of health and healing, and at one of the meetings she stated at the outset that there was no longer any difference between the effects of the full moon and the effects of the new moon when it came to health and healing. Both made everything more difficult, which explained a lot to me at the time, because even though I was already aware of the effects the full moon had on me, it now made sense why two weeks later I would experience basically the same sorts of mental, emotional, and physical stresses, and tension I experienced during a full moon. Perhaps, in some way the New Moon is now a sign of how the three days of darkness may unfold and the stresses and tension it will place upon all our souls."

In his book, Stone claimed that full and new moons even bring out demonic disruptions in cultures like India.

However much or little the moon factors into emotional and spiritual upset, that there are signs of negative influence all around us -- influences that are not natural -- is beyond serious dispute, but for the blinded. One has only to look at events like the annual "Burning Man" in the desert of California to get a sense of how boldly evil is showing itself. Can we also see the good side?

"I want to share this unusual event with you and the readers of Spirit Daily," writes Debra Papp of Kulpmont, Pennsylvania. "On the evening of September 10, 2011, there appeared in the eastern sky a perfectly arched and brilliant rainbow. It was the most brilliant rainbow I have ever seen. What makes this unusual is that there was no storm or no rain. It seems to have appeared for no apparent reason. One wonders otherwise. As the dark clouds parted beneath the rainbow there appeared a bright full moon. What a spectacular site! This brilliance of the rainbow lasted for five to seven minutes. I interpreted this show of nature in retrospect to the events that occurred over the past few days. I live in northeastern Pennsylvania which was just devastated by flood waters not seen in 39 years. So many friends and neighbors have lost homes, belongings, and hope. This date is also the eve of 9/11 when the nation was devastated and almost lost hope. The brightness of the full moon reminds me of the brilliance of the Eucharistic Jesus. The rainbow and the full moon is Jesus gently reminding us that 'I am with you' and 'I am your hope.' What a beautiful reminder in days of trial."

"I read your article pertaining to the 'full moon' effect as stated by Mr. Perry Stone," wrote a final one, Josephine Mastrianni. "I would like to offer my own interpretation of the full moon:  when I look up at the full moon I cannot help but contemplate another of God's amazing creations in His universe. I will often leave the Adoration Chapel I go to for solace at night and then look up at the sky and I cannot help but see the Eucharist staying with me as I make my way back home. Sometimes I will go outside at night just to contemplate the moon in its many aspects. Oftentimes I experience tremendous peace. I begin to sing God's praises and I will see a beautiful 'halo' around the moon; sometimes I have to blink a few times because the 'halo' appears in the shape of a Cross around the moon. Other times I will look up at the moon and ask the Lord what I can take from this beautiful gift He's given us and the response I receive is 'the light the full moon gives you in the darkness is the light I want you to give My people in this dark world'; or at other times, the full moon reflects the pure light of the sun in the darkness of the night, just like the Virgin Mary is a pure reflection of her Son to the children still living in the darkness of the world. 

"Just recently I looked up at the moon and contemplated that the moon is the same today, as it was yesterday, as it will be tomorrow; the same moon that shone over Jesus Christ as He walked the earth is the same moon that shines on us.  I remember about five years ago looking up at the moon and seeing a rainbow around it. On this particular night it was in the shape of a star!  When I later told of this incident to a friend she made me realize the date was August 15th -- the feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother. 

"Anyway, let's start taking back from the enemy all that God has given us and seeing His creation in the positive light it was meant to be in the first place. Satan wants to turn all the good that God created into his territory -- well, I say, No way! God created the moon and it is good. Let's get more in tune with all God's wonders and hear His voice speaking to us in His many marvelous ways. Praise be to God, praise be to Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!"

If you want protection, praise Him indeed!

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