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Manifestation Of Jesus Could Take Form That's Similar To Full-Scale Apparitions

By Michael H. Brown

It would be something, wouldn't it? A report that Jesus was appearing in some remote place -- just as Mary is currently appearing. We can only imagine the effect that would have. We can only imagine the flood of pilgrims.

Already we know what happened when the Blessed Mother appeared at Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugorje. Thousands and then millions -- tens of millions, at each of those places -- rushed to feel the grace associated with what theologians classify as first-tier "corporeal" apparitions.

They were not simple visions. They were not fleeting manifestations. They were first-tier apparitions -- and how much more grace would there be if there was to be a first-class corporeal apparition of Jesus?

Such has never occurred, not since the Ascension. Yes, there have been countless visions of the Lord, and He has been seen, allegedly, by countless individual mystics.

But the Lord has never been associated with a site of apparitions as the Blessed Mother so often has and this is the point: Where the Blessed Mother has been witnessed since Saragossa in Spain, and Le Puy, France, in the first century (a site that attracted throngs during the first 500 years of Christianity), not a single similar case can be associated in the same way with Jesus. There is no place where famous seers all simultaneously dropped to their knees for regular apparitions of Our Savior.

No, He has been in the background, waiting for a much larger manifestation. It is like she has been preparing the way. It is like her appearances are a forerunner of how He will one day appear.

And if indeed that happened, the question: would such a full-scale apparition -- an apparition site centered on Jesus, not the Blessed Mother -- be seen as the Second Coming?

It is a crucial question in an era when anything could happen. Our world is in spiritual upheaval -- a tumult that has led many to wonder if we are close to the Second Coming, or at least a major manifestation. We believe that, either way, the Presence of Christ -- whether in dreams, whether in a special new imbuing of the Blessed Sacrament, or in the way of an apparition -- is going to increase in the years immediately ahead.

Imagine a period in which dreams involving Jesus -- Christ coming to heal, or admonish, or convert -- began to involve tens of thousands. In our own time we get periodic reports of Muslims having such experiences with Christ -- but imagine if this proliferated to thousands, and then millions?

Visions. Dreams. We expect these to dramatically increase and wouldn't be surprised if the surge is noted by this time next year. In fact, our prediction is that Jesus will be much in the news due to everything from individual visions to the release of a new movie. Every year, we expect this to increase. Between now and 2040, we foresee some kind of a major manifestation.

But we must always distinguish between visions and dreams (which are both interior), and a full-scale, Fatima-like apparition. Christ has never appeared in that way. Yes, many are those who claim they have seen them, and at Fatima He appeared briefly in the final apparition of October 13, 1917 (as well as in private visions to the seer Lucia dos Santos).

But that's not the kind of appearance that we are talking about. We are speaking about an event that would be focused on Him as the main apparitional figure. We recognize that the very fact that we are speculating about this makes it unlikely that precisely such will happen. Usually, such manifestations come in a way that is not anticipated, or at least with features that are totally unexpected.

But we revert once more to what we have called the 1990 prophecy, which allegedly involved an angel quoting Jesus. "I will come not as a man of flesh," it said, "but like My mother, who already nurses Me and holds Me in her arms, as a light and power. I will manifest Myself in a series of supernatural events similar to the apparitions but much more powerful. In other words, My second coming will be different than My first, and like My first, it will be spectacular to many but also unknown initially to many, or disbelieved. Yet truly I tell you, the arrogance of the world will have been broken, and so many more than normal will believe. I will come in towering light. My mother held me in her arms at Medjugorje, as an infant. I will come as she has come, in light."

Known to many. But also unknown to just as many. Or disbelieved.

We'll leave the rest to your own imaginations.

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