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Life after Life:   archive page 

Illumination, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory  


 1    Businessman Says He Was Given Preview Of 'Illumination'
 2    Purgatory, Sometimes Discounted, Looms With The Fire Of God's Love  
 3    Woman Recalls  Way She Was 'Judged' After Near-Death Experience
 4    After Dying And Coming Back, Key Message: 'We Are All Accountable'  
 5    Brilliant Light Seen At Death Returns To Help Woman Heal Critically Ill Child 
 6    Minister Recounts a Trip to 'Hell'  (Rev Storm --4 stories)
 7    In Purgatory Is Both Great Suffering And Joy As The Soul Approaches Heaven
 8    Hardness of Heart and Uncharitable Words Seen As Sure Route to Purgatory
 9    Sister Dybel Took an Unforgetable Trip (Are Beloved Pets in Heaven?)
10    Before The Presence Of God, There Is Often What's Called 'Expiation'
11    No One Wants To Hear Or Preach About Hell, But Its Existence Remains:
12    Through Spirituality & Prayer Fear Of Death Melts Into Anticipation And Joy
13    All Have An Earthly Mission And At Death There's No Loss Of Consciousness   
14    Purgatorial 'Secrets'  Came To Light Under Unusual Circumstance (2 stories)
15    The Nature of Ghosts  (3 stories)
16    Woman Who Slipped To The 'Other Side' Recommends Praises (2 stories)
17    Following  'Fire Of Affliction'  Comes  the Lord's Good Fortune
18    World, Rich And Famous Also Report Near-Death Brushes
19    Woman Reflects On Her Glimpse Of Eternity And The 'Future'
20    Consistency With Those Who 'Die' And Return Is Losing Their Fear Of Death
21    Prophecies From Near-Death Accounts Parallel Predictions Of Blessed Virgin
22    Pope Recounted Near-Death Experiences Strikingly Similar To Modern Cases
23    Banishing Fear Sets You Free To Fly Into Joy Of Eternity
24    Woman having near-death experience was shown mysterious 'clock'
25    Research Indicates That Totally Blind See During Near-Death Experiences
26    The George Richie Story:'Time Now Is Very Short' (3 stories)
27    Studies Indicate Saintly Figures, Including Mary, Appear At Hour Of Death
28    Insights Have Been Gained Into Afterlife
29    Heaven Has Various Levels
30    Woman 'Dead' for 20 Minutes Returned with Description of 'God's City'
31    Cardiologist Recounts Case In Which Both Dying Man And Wife Saw Jesus
32    The Blessed Virgin Takes Seer's  Husband 'Home' (2 stories)
33    This Is Real,' Said Jesus To Louisiana Man Who Got A Glimpse Of Eternity
34    Earthbound Souls Attached To World Highlights Role Of Purgatory
35    Between One And Five Million Have Caught Glimpse Of Eternity
36    A Key To Entering Heaven Is To See Through The Heart Instead Of Brain
37    What Is Heaven's Landscape Like?
38    Separation of Mind and Soul At Death Occurs With Full Awareness
39    The Levels of Purgatory
40    Purgatory And What It's Probably Like: Protestants Too Report Experiences
41    Priest Says He Saw Priests And Bishops In Hell, Heaven
42    During Our Judgment, It Will Be 'Little' Things That Count Most With God
43    The Year Of The Eucharist And The Holy Souls In Purgatory (3 stories) 
44    Medical Worker Sheds Light On Prophecy And Intervention Of Angels
45    Christmas Best Time To Pray For Release  Souls In Purgatory
46    Masses Should Be Offered For Living, Including Ourselves
47    Summer Devotions For Purgatorial Souls Is Christmas in July
48    Cry of a 'lost soul' and the lessons it teaches
49    At Top Level Of Purgatory Is A Place Of  Final 'Expiation'
50    Near-Death Experiences Link to Much of New Testament  
51    When We Thank God For Trial Of Life, We Decrease Purgatory
52    Do Souls Communicate From The Other Side (2 stories)
53    In Heaven We'll Meet Not Just Relatives But Ancestors
54    Jesus Gives Us Heaven, Where Every Day Is Christmas
55    In The Rush To Aid Tsunami Survivors Plea Is Made Not To Forget Souls Of The Dead
56    As A New Year Begins Start 2006 With 'First Friday' Devotions 
57    When  Woman 'Died', The Lesson Was In Reality Of An Obscure Scapular
58    St. Joseph To The Rescue Of Souls In Purgatory
59    St. Patrick Brings Up Thoughts Of Irish Mysteries Such As 'Island Of Purgatory'
60    Largest Number Of Souls Are Released On Christmas After That Comes Easter
61    Have There Been Others Who Have Risen From The Dead?

62    In God's 'whisper' are hints of how to gain heaven

63    Every Day We're Given The Chance To Advance Toward Christ

64    Even Atheists Have Near-Death Episodes, Encountering Garden Of Light

65    The Secret of the Poor Souls in Purgatory (Maria Simma of Austria)

66    Death Of Close Relatives Leads To Family Grace and Special Missions

67    The Prophetic Talk Is Of A 'Time Of Upheaval'

68    Pope Gregory Was Champion Of Holy Purgatorial Souls

69    Take Heart: Indications Are That After Death We Will See Relatives Again

70    In Near-Death Episodes Some Brushes Are Hellish

71    Before Current Pontiff Was Another  Benedict Who Urged Mass For The Living

72    Mystery: What Did Jesus Mean About The 'Dead' Burying The Dead?  

73    Saint  Taught Powerful Way To Aid Souls Tortured In Purgatory

74    Child Near-Death Experiences Seem To Back  'Limbo'

75    Padre Pio -- Champion of The Holy Souls

76    Can We Avoid Purgatory

77    Recognize Too That Trials Of Life Help Avoid Purgatory

78    Another St. Nicholas And His Gift Was Saving Souls In Deep Purgatory

79    During Month Of Souls Recall A Mystic Known As 'Gertrude The Great'

80    Faith, And Patience: 'Impossible Things In Life Just Take A Little Longer'

81    Near-Death Accounts And The Mystery Of Those Called 'Ancient Ones'

82    Did St. Paul  Write Of Afterlife Vision?

83    'Prayer, Suffering' Were Motto For Nun Who Started An Order To Help Departed

84    Life May Seem Bitter And Short, Great Is Reward For Those 'Well Tested'

85    In Preparation For Eternity, Meditate And Pray To Fix Past Damage 

86    Souls There Have Seen Light And Mercy

87    Suffering Is Less When We See Our Constant Need For Purification