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So here we are at a time and place where there are birds falling out of the sky in Arkansas and then a huge fish kill (after a swarm of earthquakes a couple of weeks ago, more than five hundred small ones since September, according to the U.S. Geological Survey) followed uncannily and thus far without explanation by dead birds or fish in Louisiana and Kentucky and Maryland (perhaps the cold here) and South America and New Zealand at the same time that "biblical" flooding hits Australia and storm after storm pummels California and sweeps across much of the rest of the country, all but paralyzing a city called New York that is 3,000 miles to the east. Record cold swerves into unusual warmth. Phoenix sees snowflakes. England has the coldest December in its recorded history -- during what globally was tallied as the warmest year on record. Major ocean currents shift. It is, of course, coincidence (not). Not to mention tornadoes.

The signs do exactly what they have been expected to and month by month they multiply; year by year, they intensify -- grinding on, perhaps, now, with a rapidity that's particularly noteworthy. They are signs of heavenly upset with the course of mankind (if we believe in the testaments), and while we focus, in this regard -- and understandably -- on abortion, there are many other transgressions that likewise cannot be pleasing to God: sexual impurity and general irreverence and profanity and perversity and wild materialism despite the financial warning two years ago and abuse of nature -- which may cause hundreds of thousands or even many millions of human deaths each year (including of the unborn; see carcinogens; see miscarriages). Why Arkansas? It is funny how the abbreviation for that state is "ark."

Nature, we forget, is God's Creation.

Chemical-warfare tests? The weather? Lightning? Fireworks? High-altitude hail? Whatever is used to explain the recent occurrences, they are joined by anti-Christian persecution in countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Iraq -- where such violence is reaching the highest rate in decades (alarming the Pope, who has issued strong statements about it, and has mentioned the "eclipse" of Western societies). It was to an unapproved seer at the potent site of Kibeho, Rwanda (three others were approved), that the Lord allegedly said the time of momentous events would be signaled as near when there are "wars of religion" and "the world is full of hatred." How many Muslim attacks have there been on Christians in the past year (and since September 11)?

Meanwhile, and more jarring still, few know that right in the heart of current persecution -- northern Iraq, where Catholics and other Christians are on the brink of eradication -- there were apparitions to a seer and stigmatic named Dina Basher that were approved by the schismatic Syrian Orthodox Church and that foresaw an apocalypse.

This was Mosul (or "Mozul"), where  the experiences began on the Feast of the Assumption in 1991 -- Mary and Jesus. (Dina claimed the Second Coming was near and that we are in a period of major transition; see Joel 3:1). We have been trying to locate Dina. No one seems to know what has happened to her since the war. There have been horrid bombings right there in recent weeks. In all probability, the church she belonged to has been damaged in recent years or destroyed. For all we know, she has fled or encountered injury herself. Let us pray not. Let us pray for all there. Whether or not we face an apocalypse, we approach a period of major purification; these are signs. And they have meaning. Mosul is the modern site of what was once ancient Nineveh -- which though saved in Jonah's time was later destroyed when it reverted back to its occultism and materialism. It was also a sister city to Babylon. This (of course) is another "coincidence."

Besides foreseeing those religious conflicts, the Blessed Mother warned at Mosul of larger global events. Perhaps it is time to heed those admonitions. Perhaps this year or next we will witness several events that many will believe signal the "end" but rather than being related to any specific prophecy (such as those of 2012) are events that simply but strongly signal the entrance to warnings which will later shake the world not as the "end" but as chastisement -- major ones. That is our take. Amazing: the Blessed Mother appears at Medjugorje and there is an ethnic/religious war there and then in Rwanda and there is an ethnic holocaust there and then in Iraq and there is a holocaust -- a war of religions -- in that nation, right at Mosul, as there was a genocide right at Kibeho: churches bombed even during Mass; blood on the very entrance.

As the Pope himself said (in his December 20 address to the Curia): "Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni. Repeatedly during the season of Advent the Church’s liturgy prays in these or similar words. They are invocations that were probably formulated as the Roman Empire was in decline. The disintegration of the key principles of law and of the fundamental moral attitudes underpinning them burst open the dams which until that time had protected peaceful coexistence among peoples. The sun was setting over an entire world. Frequent natural disasters further increased this sense of insecurity. There was no power in sight that could put a stop to this decline. All the more insistent, then, was the invocation of the power of God: the plea that he might come and protect his people from all these threats."

Signs? As Our Lady of Medjugorje said (on April 2, 2006), "My children, do you not recognize the signs of the times? Do you not speak of them? Come follow me. As a mother I call you," but adding (on September 2, 2007), "In this time of God's signs, do not be afraid because I am with you. The great love of God sends me to lead you to salvation. Give me your simple hearts, purified by fasting and prayer. I will be with you and will lead you. Only in the simplicity of your hearts is your salvation."

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Hosea 4

God's Controversy with Israel

    1A)Listen to the word of the LORD, O sons of Israel,
         For the LORD has a B)case against the inhabitants of the land,
         Because there is C)no faithfulness or kindness
         Or D)knowledge of God in the land.
    2There is E)swearing, F)deception, G)murder, H)stealing and I)adultery
         They employ violence, so that J)bloodshed follows bloodshed.
    3Therefore the land K)mourns,
         And everyone who lives in it languishes
         Along with the beasts of the field and the birds of the sky,
         And also the fish of the sea disappear.


Ecclesiastes 9 11-12

11I again saw under the sun that the T)race is not to the swift and the U)battle is not to the warriors, and neither is bread to the wise nor V)wealth to the discerning nor favor to men of ability; for time and W)chance overtake them all.

 12Moreover, man does not X)know his time: like fish caught in a treacherous net and Y)birds trapped in a snare, so the sons of men are Z)ensnared at an evil time when it AA)suddenly falls on them.



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