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The idea of healing the family is important and potentially critical if carried forth to fruition.

Certainly, we are called to pray together with our families.

The great expert on deliverance, Derek Prince, pointed out that if we take literally that passage from Scripture, Exodus 20:3-5, whereby the Lord warns of punishment for the sins of the fathers, on their children, "down to the third and fourth generations," this could mean that any one of thirty ancestors (two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, and sixteen great-great-grandparents) could be a conduit for evil suffered today.

In his eye-opening, astonishing book, They Shall Expel Demons, Prince argued that one or more such ancestors could have committed a crime or have been involved in the occult, among other transgressions, that now cause mysterious sufferings. He also points out, intriguingly, that there can be negative prenatal influences. For example, Prince found during his extensive deliverance ministry around the world that those born during the Great Depression often harbored feelings or "spirits" of rejection, perhaps because at that time of financial hardship so many babies were not wanted. "At one time in the U.S. I encountered an unusually large number of people in a certain age group who suffered from rejection," he wrote. "When I checked their birth dates, I discovered that these fell between 1929 and 1934. The mothers may or may not have verbalized their resentment, but the sensitive little personalities in the womb felt it and came forth already carrying a spirit of rejection." This, asserted Prince, was just one of various -- almost countless ("legion") -- demons that may affect the unborn.

Father John Hampsch of California, in his seminal work, Healing the Family Tree, argues that there are passages in the Bible indicating the "sins of the fathers" (Scripture cites especially idolatry among general iniquities) can come down through ten or even more generations, perhaps through many centuries.

We know we all have original sin from Adam and Eve.

It is a mission in life to purge generational curse: familial darkness.

And it is often easier said than done.

Still, it can be ("resist the devil and he will flee," says James 4:7). The Word of God -- quoting Scripture, when faced with evil, as well as availing ourselves of the Eucharist -- is the bronze scimitar that is slung from the baldric. First, purge yourself. Repent, forgive, and expel. If there is someone to forgive or hidden pride it will thwart you. Seek serenity in all circumstances, which is a sign of cleanliness. Live by God's Word. Quote it often. To do this, you must read the Bible daily.

Cleanse the family, particularly when there are stubborn problems. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what is hidden (demons are very good at shielding themselves).

In our mail, from Linette Robertson of Winnipeg: "This is a true story that happened to my family recently.

"Over a year ago, my daughter worked at a restaurant where the supervisor was a proclaimed witch. There were others in the circle of this person who were very bitter, jealous, angry and had desires for moving up quickly in rank at this restaurant. In this area, it is a very popular one. 

"Anyway, my daughter really needed a job so that she could help me with finances. I am a single mother and go to school full time and have to support my family as well. After she worked there for many months, she decided to quit because things were changing and getting 'weird.' She had made friends with this supervisor on a popular internet site earlier, but had decided to drop this individual because she could tell that other people in this person's circle were getting jealous of many things. So, my daughter decided to 'unfriend' this person. When she began searching for another job, she was turned down time after time. She finally had found a part time job but it was frustrating because many people were abusive and it became so difficult to work there as a result of the continuous abuses, she had to quit (she was falling into a deep depression). All of my family, during this time, was falling into depression. I have three teenage children and all of us were feeling so depressed and filled with anxiety. We were going to Confession regularly. We were receiving Jesus in the Eucharist at a beautiful Mass. We were highly involved in serving our community with charitable work. We prayed the Rosary together. We were doing all the right things. 

"Then, while I was praying one evening, I was given a moment of light. I believe that it must have come from my Guardian Angel. All of us had been either really sick, very depressed, feeling hopeless, and wanting to get out of this place. When I was in prayer and weeping because of our family's state, I was given something in my mind and heart. Something 'told me' (I didn't hear words, but felt them inside) to go to an exorcist. My daughter had been searching for another job for a year and a half. She had gone to several interviews and sent out countless résumés. I had taken her myself to many places. She never got a call back from her interviews. She never got any response. Finally, my daughter said she was just done with everything. She said she was so depressed, she just wanted to quit trying for anything. I told her not to worry and that we would get by somehow financially. We were really in dire straits. But I knew somehow we could get by. Finally, she had applied to her 'last interview.' She did not want to go to the last one but I told her to go and complete it so that she could say that she had literally tried everything

"She went.  No response.  They hired someone else. 

"So, while I was praying and was 'told' to go to an exorcist, I got up (at night) and sent an email to an exorcist I know. I told him of the situation. He obviously had been up because he sent a reply quickly and told me that just to make sure, he would pray a prayer of deliverance (I had asked him to do an Exorcism or Prayer of Deliverance, from wherever he was because I figured if a soldier could ask Jesus to heal his friend and did not even have to be present, and his friend was healed, then, a priest could do this for me). I was very relieved. Then, he sent me a prayer for all of us to prayer over my daughter. So, the next day, my daughter gets a call and is offered an interview to the last place she went to and was turned down! She came back and was happy that someone had called her back after a year and a half of waiting for a full time job! 

"Then, that day, I got together with my teenagers and we all prayed the prayer of Deliverance (from many areas of spells, blood, ancestors, and also attachments to emotions such as bitterness, sexual things, anger, etcetera). I told my children that in order for us to be delivered, then, we each must state out loud our attachments and no one would be judged for having them. I also stated mine out loud and named all of them. It was necessary for them to be stated out loud and recognized, not hidden or secrets anymore, since I was told that the devil likes for us to be secretive about our weaknesses. So, we all agreed not to judge each other whatsoever and nothing would be held against them either. None of us would mention anything later about it. We all went to Confession, we all prayed the St. Michael prayer and we all got blessed with Holy Water. My daughter was offered the job the next day."

A clean spirit makes for a healthy body.

Can spirits transfer from one person to another -- including, speaking of families, from living relatives?

Yes. Unfortunately. As another woman in the "mailbag" points out: "I recently went out to breakfast with my brother who I haven't seen in a year. He has multiple problems including prescription drug addiction and the mental issues that go with that, insomnia, anxiety. I love him and was trying to be a friend to him. What I don't understand is that after breakfast I went home and didn't feel right. I felt like I had drank a lot of coffee. ( I only had about a half of decaf).  I felt strange all day as if there was 'speed' in my body. But the worse came that night as I could not fall asleep all night. Again, it felt like there was speed in my blood. Worse, I started thinking if I could just get a hold of some kind of pills to help me sleep. The feeling continued until this evening until I was prompted to cast out any unclean spirits. Finally, I felt instant peace. My question is this, how did I get an attachment? Just from eating breakfast with him? I had my Crucifix on, my Miraculous Medal, and multiple saint medals on my bracelet. One can't get attachments that easily, right?"

Sacramentals afford powerful protection but we also know that many things can seep like smoke through tiny fissures and have to be cast out by name -- that when we are around those who may be harboring spirits, we should pray a cleansing prayer afterward: from the heart, not just something rote (with the strength of conviction). Naming a spirit somehow grants us a handle in subjecting them to our commands.

Once more, quote Scripture.

Keep the Bible open to Ephesians 6.

Can spirits transfer from movies?

Definitely. And television. And radio. And the internet. And music...

Thus, we must exercise caution -- even when it seems like a "good" movie.

"My husband and I went to see the movie The Conjuring," said Patti Becker. "It seemed like it was Catholic-friendly. In the movie, the Warrens [a ghost-hunting duo] carry rosaries and put Crucifixes around the house to get the demons angry. It ends with Mr. Warren trying to get permission from the local parish for an exorcism. However, the priest needed to contact the Vatican for approval. Ultimately, Mr. Warren has to perform the exorcism (learning it from all the previous exorcisms he attended). He finds out later the priest got the approval. Another aspect of the movie that makes me wonder, is Mrs. Warren a clairvoyant? 1. What is the church's teaching on laypeople and exorcism? 2. What is the church teaching on clairvoyants/mediums? Were any saints clairvoyant?"

Let us answer that there are some priests who use "spiritually sensitive" people to help discern a "haunted" or demonized situation. However, this seems fraught with potential issues. Any direct connection with the deceased -- any conjuring -- is strictly, and openly, forbidden in Scripture, and only an exorcist/priest or experienced deliverance minister backed by a prayer team can solicit information from a demon (and this is precarious). Jesus did seem to indicate that those in deliverance can operate by eliciting a demon's name. It seemed limited to that.

Conversing with a demon is an invitation to deception (and disaster).

They lie. They are spirits of deception.

In our estimation, as laypeople, the Warrens went way too far; there is over-curiosity.

"The movie ends with Mr. Warren's words saying basically you choose between good and evil. Evil is real. Decide what your choice is. I forget the exact words. One of the things that held the priest back from coming right away to the Perron Family (the ones haunted) was that the children (five of them) were not baptized. The outcome? I'm not sure any of the Perrons are practicing any faith today. One would think they would since they were delivered from such evil. Lastly, did I place myself in danger by watching the movie? I'm not sure it's occult. But the spirit of the house was a demon that possessed a purported witch named Bathsheba Sherman who is affiliated with the house and sacrificed a child. This same demon kept possessing women to kill their children. Any thoughts?"

Don't delve too deeply into the details of evil.

Know where it is and what it is but never give in to fascination with it. 

Though we are all called to pray prayers of deliverance and casting out (see Jesus' admonishments, and the very last words of the Lord's Prayer), it is not for the layman to provoke spiritual manifestations and then attempt a formal exorcism. This can have severe repercussions, as can becoming too engaged in movies about the occult or hauntings, and certainly ones about the demonic.

When in doubt, stay away -- not in fear but with prudence, until the Holy Spirits wells within.

Work in the Holy Spirit. Pray without ceasing, remembering always those around you. It sets up a shield of protection.

"Since my conversion in Medjugorje (in 1997), God has allowed me the grace to pray the Divine Mercy over several dying souls, including my mother," writes Robert Varela of Los Angeles. "It is the most powerful and humbling of all prayerful experiences. On Saturday [first week, August 2013], I happened to be in the path of the crazed maniac driver who killed the beautiful Italian Alice Gruppioni, who was on her honeymoon in Venice Beach. (I'm sure you saw it on the news.) Only God knows why we intersected paths that day, but it was overwhelmingly sad and beautiful when I encountered her minutes after the mowing down of those twelve people. (He missed me because I hid behind a steel trash container; he did hit two people behind me. Beyond comprehension!) I stood feet away from her when a powerful emotional call was made for me to pray. I made the Sign of the Cross and began to pray the Divine Mercy."

Prayer is a corselet of scaled armor, to quote 1 Samuel again.

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