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A preacher was making the point the other night: do you know there are Divine connections? How often do you meditate on what and who is in your path?

It's an important contemplation this time of the year when we begin anew and clean house.

The fact is, God puts certain people into our paths as part of His Divine Plan. Each of us has a equal role in that, and to fulfill what He has for our lives, we have to step into the blessing.

That often means a clean break with those who are not supposed to be alongside us, but have thrust themselves there.

Do you not know folks who have wiggled their way to your inner circle -- but make you uncomfortable? We can feel anxious when they call, not "ourselves," even aggravated. There even may be dread.

The feeling of unsettlement is often the Spirit talking.

Folks who are not meant for us can greatly hold us back.

They can prevent us from realizing what God has in store for us. Sometimes, they can badly trip us up.

A problem this is! We don't like to hurt feelings -- and should as much as humanly possible always seek to prevent such. Moreover, we have to be careful not to persecute: sometimes the devil would have us focus negatively on a person to attack that person spiritually.

Caution here.

But there are also folks who don't know their place and infringe of your zone of comfort. They should not be there. It is not that they are bad people. It is not that they aren't equal. It's that they are simply not where they should be and not realizing their own plan.

God does not care for compromise and so we must detach especially if someone is close to us who is living in darkness. Perhaps we are meant to help such a person. We are always called to pray for such a one. But it doesn't mean that we have to expose ourselves to spiritual baggage.

We carry the spirit around those who are close to us, and so we can pick up spirits of jealousy, of infirmity, of anxiety, and so forth.

In some cases, there is something wrong with the person that is deep below the surface. It can hold you down. They don't belong where they have inserted themselves. They are especially attracted to those who are spiritual and yet can suck energy from them. Feeling "drained" every time one has to speak with a person is a sure sign.

At the same time, we musty have faith and know that God will put the right people -- everyone we need -- in our paths. We simply have to follow the rule of prayer to make sure we meet up with these Godsends.

Sometimes, we are led to them by unfortunate events. Something "bad" can happen and through the experience we run into someone who later turns out to help in a larger situation -- a positive one!

They are what this preacher called "Barnabases": "While they were ministering to the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, 'Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them,'" we see in Acts 13:2.

Barnabas was called to work with Saul -- and it flowed miraculously.

Pray that you always know your "Barnabas" as you also pray for those from whom you may need more distance!

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