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The book The Final Hour, which was released in August of 1992, included a chapter on the apparition and prophecies of Kibeho that explicitly foresaw a genocide that swept Rwanda two years later (killing up to a million people, many of whom were decapitated with machetes and left abandoned). Said the book (pages 253 and 255):

"It was deepest Africa. On one side were the wild savannas of Tanzania, where the last of the rhinos roamed, and at the other border, Uganda, where the despot Idi Amin had savagely murdered countless of his countrymen...   

"During 1981 and 1982 natives in the outbacks of Rwanda, and for that matter neighboring countries, murmured that something horrible, something far more frightening than the savage Amin, was about to occur," said the book, by Michael H. Brown. "It was said the visionaries at Kibeho were shown terrifying glimpses into the future: a tree in flames, a river of blood, and many abandoned, decapitated corpses."

Two years later the genocide began, with so many deceased they were stacked like cordwood, left for the dogs, or simply thrown into a river, where they clogged one pass of water.

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