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Aggravations? Hurts? A hurtful memory? A dispute?

Let it pass and it will pass. Learn to pray more "for" something than against. Pray for and receive more. As for negativity, let it go and you will grow. They are lessons for us as we approach life with the strength of "manger faith." Take no offense when you are turned away from the inn.

To let something go means just that: don't hover on a negative. Say you just had a blow-up with someone. Say, you really are at odds. If you need to apologize, do so; otherwise: just let it pass, like a cloud.

All clouds -- however dark -- dissipate with time, unless we feed them the moisture of wrong emotion.

If you keep revisiting it, if you continue to toss it over in your mind, you will only give that negative hold over you.

Let go of past hurts. Forgiveness is a key to letting things pass. Let go of anger. That emotion destroys you more than whoever you are angry with. Let go of past lusts. Often, lust is the obstacle to grace (and causes a blockage in your heart). If you have trouble loving or praying from the heart, lust could be the "log."

Let go of phobias, wrong attitudes, habits, routine, grudges, inferiority, fear of failure, wrong friendships... Make a list (and check it twice).

Let go of your guilt:

To dwell repeatedly on what you did wrong in the past, if you already repented, only causes it to hang around.

It is even the devil's turf: Keeping past darkness allows in spirits that feed off negative energy and attach to that darkness.

Let's listen to a deliverance expert named Don Dickerman, who in a new book called Keep the Pigs Out says: "After a believer has become free from demonic intrusion, one of the giant doorways for demons to gain a new entry point is revisiting the past. It's like probing a wound that is almost healed. It's re-aggravating a nagging injury so that it cannot heal.

"When you relive a past failure or an unpleasant time in your life, you are allowing demons another opportunity to use the incident once more against you. Don't go there. You must control that part of your thinking, or the demons will. You can choose to not think about the past, and when you do this, you seize any opportunities that demons may have had to torment you. Remember that fret and regret are two bad dogs; don't let them in. You must take those thoughts captive! By faith, apply the Blood of Jesus to the part of your mind that seems to be in replay mode. Speak your choice to dwell on pleasant and hopeful thoughts."

Be born anew (with Jesus) this Christmas. Don't let your mind be a broken record.

The Blessed Mother will help you. Go to her and give her your past sin and hurts or rancor and just leave them with her; she will know how to dispose of them.

Leave them and walk away from what haunts and taunts.

When Jesus delivered people from demonic infestation, His ejection of unclean spirits was final. He sealed the soul against re-entry. 

Seal yours.

Let go of the mistakes of your youth; let go of those memories of a relationship that went awry, or never should have been. Confess, repent, and move on. Let go of the insults that still plague you.

Stop rehashing what others have said -- especially in this Christmas season.

Fly above the problem and you'll fly under the devil's radar.

Staring up at a cloud only gets rain on you.

Let it pass and it will pass. All things do. But it takes discipline, doesn't it?

Discipline leads to joy.

Says Dickerman: "One of the things we see healed on a regular basis when this is done is fibromyalgia. If pleasant words and a cheerful heart are health to the bones, what is anger and bitterness to the bones? If repentance and departing from evil is health and marrow to the bones, what is holding on to unforgiveness?"

The same goes for sin.

"Father," we can say, "I confess of the sin of sexual relations outside of marriage, or wrong relations even within, and I renounce that sinful activity in Jesus' Name. I call back that part of me that was given to another, and I refuse that part of another that may have come to me. I denounce soul ties with [say name] and choose to be free in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!"

Do this with your list and you will feel it lift. Give it to yourself as a gift this Yuletide. Fill your stockings with right thinking and that faith of the manger. "Lord, give me a new and right spirit. Cleanse my soul. Cleanse my thoughts. Cleanse my motive. Cleanse what I like. Cleanse what I do. Cleanse what I say. Cleanse who I am."

"God will not cover our sin until we uncover it to Him," notes Dickerman. "As long as we keep it hidden, it remains exposed to demons who seize upon the legal right of unconfessed sin."

What you attempt to cover, God will expose. What you expose and confess to God, He will cover.

Have you thought about Confession before Christmas?

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