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Those who have been with us for a while know that we give air to the miraculous.

Photos. Clouds. Some are definitely miraculous. Some may be.

Some are not.

It is better to believe than not (said a Pope).

Is this, to the left, from the internet, the result of a prank using "photoshop" or an angel, rays of light, and someone in white (maybe an onlooker) at the scene of a serious accident in Europe?

It was Saint Augustine who said that what men do with real colors and substances spirits "can very easily do by showing unreal forms."

There are angels. And there are certainly accidents. Often, angels prevent them. "On Wednesday, December 26, we had a huge snowstorm in northeastern Pennsylvania," a lawyer, Christina Fleury, wrote us. "I could not avoid driving, as my father slipped on ice when the storm began, and broke his leg, needing some help and a ride home from the hospital.

"The ride to his home, five miles away, was treacherous. I was driving his car, with him in the passenger seat, and the roads literally had not been plowed.  It was dark, and all I could do was follow the tracks ahead of me. It was a long, slow, white-knuckle ride, with six inches of snow on the road. By the time I got him settled in his house and got back to the car to go home, there were another two inches on the car. I cleaned the snow off, said a prayer, and asked my guardian angel to keep the car on the road as I backed out of the driveway. 

"I had not gone far, when from out of nowhere, I noticed a vehicle in front of me, just far enough away that I could not identify it. The snow was perfectly even on my side of the road, but it did not appear like snow, as it was seemingly pristine and smooth to the ground, with the eight inches inches on the other side of the road still very visible with deep tire tracks. 

"At first, I thought this vehicle must have been a plow, since I was the first one on this perfectly white road, but the path was much wider than a plow. And the vehicle did not look like a plow, with yellow flashing lights on the top and brake lights on the back. All it had was two spotlights on the back (no brake lights or flashers), one higher and the other lower, guiding me home. 

"Then it dawned on me: How is it that I was driving on this white road with a vehicle in front of me that left no tracks? 

"A plow usually leaves a mess behind it, better than the snow in front of it, yes, but a mess, nonetheless. It was if I was the only one on the road! And what kind of a vehicle has no brake lights? I have never seen a plow with no yellow flashing lights.....So when I got close to my house, I tried to get a better look. When we rounded a bend in the road, I lost sight of the vehicle for about two seconds. When I got back on the straightaway, the vehicle was gone. It had completely disappeared! I looked right and left and checked all of the parking lots it could have pulled into. But I only lost sight of it for two seconds! It could not have traveled fast enough to lose me in that simply disappeared when I no longer needed it. Thanks be to God and my Guardian Angel!"

From Marinko Crnjac of Sydney, Australia, we hear what he calls "My testimony in the year of faith":

"When I was 17 or 18 I began to experiment with drugs, mostly marijuana but also occasionally heroin," he wrote us. "Around the age of 23, though, I became a daily user of heroin. It could cost up to hundreds of dollars each day, depending on how much I could afford at the time. This was to be my dreadful situation for the next fifteen years. At the end of that period I was using the far cheaper methadone instead of heroin, but the effects were the same and I would have seizures if I didnít get my 'fix.'

"Around Christmas of 2003 I developed an abscess in the groin where  I had been injecting, and I ended up in hospital. Soon the abscess burst and I developed deep vein thrombosis, septic arthritis and golden staph. I was given antibiotics for the infection but the pain was excruciating. Between the illness and the pain I was unable to eat anything and over the next two to three weeks I lost over thirty kilos (sixty-six pounds). I was effectively slowly dying.

"When I was getting very low, the hospital chaplain came to see me and, after many years, I went to Confession and received the anointing of the sick. The next day I became delirious and began to rant and rave. I felt as though the devil was coming for my soul. That night I had a seizure and fell out of bed, even though it had railings. About an hour later I had another seizure, with vomiting which I inhaled, causing aspiration pneumonia. My condition became critical and I was transferred by helicopter to another hospital which had an intensive care unit. There I remained in a coma for several days. At some point during that time I was clinically dead. I felt that my soul left my body and passed through purgatory and its suffering souls into a bright light where I saw the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus. I also had a vision of my sister praying to Our Lady for me. During all those years, my mother and sister never stopped praying for me to end my wayward life and return to God.

"When I woke up from the coma I was on life-support and there were tubes down my throat.  But for the first time in many years I felt the peace and love of God, along with a sense of shame for my past life. One day I had a vision of Jesus being born and through that I was being reborn to the life of grace. In addition, my addiction was gone so that, when the doctors offered me methadone, I declined and felt no ill effects. Slowly I began to eat again. Even though my body was very weak and I drifted in and out of consciousness, my spirit was strong. I was in the hospital until the end of February and when I left, the doctors told me it would take five to ten years to recover fully. Since then I have slowly regained my strength.

"Now I am able to attend Mass each day. I participate in a weekly prayer group along with my mother and sister. I am a catechist and I teach Catholic scripture at Lidcombe public school once a week, I do all I can to help others  grow in faith, so that they do not have to go through what I did. I give thanks to Jesus for bringing me back from such a desperate lifestyle in which I could very easily have died very far from Him."

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