Go where your heart takes you. Follow your heart. It's the true course because your heart is the real you, where your soul resides. Be true to it. Let it guide you. Too often we do the opposite; we replace the heart with the mundane, which can fashion pretense. This causes you tension. The greatest distance can be between your heart and your brain. You should go nowhere nor move anywhere nor strike up a close relationship with anyone unless your heart is in it; it knows secretly what is not in your "rational" consciousness. While there are certain obligations we must fulfill, in most cases we should not do anything unless our hearts are behind it. Don't define yourself to please others. Have a pure heart, a humble heart, and it will guide you. Try to escape problems and they will only repeat (until we repent, which means to change). Change only your facade and surroundings (try to run away) and God in His wisdom will continue to send you the same challenges no matter where you go until you work them out. Let your heart be the guide in finding the root of a problem, for it is often different than the problem it presents on the surface; a root cause might be called a plank in your eyes.

One thing at a time. To thine own self be true. Look for progress with the eyes of the heart over time. Do not make haste to please the perceptions of others. Every day God will send you special little challenges that relate to your weaknesses and you must tackle each one with that frame of heart: everything He sends has the potential for advancement. Don't force things. Don't reach beyond your strength. Don't try to change who you really are; it is not possible; change who you are not. God works over time. He dissolves what is false and rebuilds us when we cooperate through free will oriented in prayer from the heart. What God looks for is persistence -- not an attempt to do everything at once, or be somebody else, but at making constant progress in union with our deep inner being.  A conversion that is total is gradual in a natural flow over time with ease of the spirit like all things that God so profoundly does. Accept His Way, His design. In humility, use the normal course of daily events (problems and crises) as steppingstones to perfection.  Chip away at each challenge, which will always come. Look at everything that happens as an opportunity. Great monuments were fashioned in this manner.

So was the Grand Canyon. Be natural and gradual.

As Jesus taught, the evil of the day is sufficient.

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