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The test of life – one of the tests – is how we deal with thoughts: what enters our minds. Here is a real resolution.

Which thoughts do we hold onto?

Which thoughts do we choose to keep?

Are we inclined to anger, dislike, or lust?

It is in the interior discourse that sin begins and that we form our spiritual orientation, which then carries over into the afterlife. Plus, people can spiritually sense what we are thinking. Especially, God knows precisely. Thus, we must watch vigilantly over our interior life. Let your thoughts flow -- "think" -- only as you want to be thinking at the last moment of your life.

A pure mind has no fear because purity is wrought by love (and love casts away all fear).

Thoughts have power. This we will notice when we pass into eternity. We will wear what we are. There are actually robes and they range from brilliant to dark (and even sullied). It is good to realize it now.

Love brings good luck and hatred or dislike brings the opposite. Subtle curses account for untold situations in life. When we die, do we really want to account for such?

On the other side, we will see the ramifications of our thoughts in living color. In the review of life, joy will come in seeing the beneficial effects from our thoughts of love. This is why “perfect love” casts out fear: the true spiritual core knows that death is only to be feared if we are lacking in love.

Our lives will unfold like a giant movie screen, but one that surrounds and envelopes us, granting us the emotions of everyone -- that smile at a store, that little compliment, that pat on the back will be replayed; you will feel the goodness you transmitted. Pride declares the truth as insult. This you must shed. You will lose your ego. You will understand yourself in a way you never did.

You will also see that often you looked upon others not as they are but as you are.

Every joy you have caused will await you in eternity.

This is crucial: acknowledging the Lord God and doing it with love. Making a decision for love is making a decision for the Light and the power behind the Light is what propels us through the tunnel. In the famous words of one person, “God is love, love if light. Light is life. God is the light of the life that loves.”

When she "died" in a plane crash, asserted a woman named RaNelle Wallace, she was met my her grandmother who told her that “it is within the simple principles of the Gospel that the mysteries of Heaven are found.

“We grow by the force of our desires to learn, to love, to accept things by faith that we cannot prove. Our ability to accept truth, to live by it, governs our progress in the spirit, and it determines the degree of light we possess. Nobody forces light and truth upon us, and nobody takes it away unless we let them.

“The scene was sacred beyond words, beyond expression, and those who have witnessed it keep it hidden in their hearts. I saw that I had indeed lacked faith, that love isn’t simply a word or an emotion; love is a power that gives action to all around it. Love is the power of life.

And the afterlife.

We go through the tunnel toward the light with a speed in proportion to how much we have loved. We do not get there through theology (though this has its place). We get to the light through what is in the deepest recesses of who we are, and who we are is quickly revealed in the transition.

No falsity can move forward.

Joy is the greatest barometer of whether we are living right. We create joy and then step into it.

Or we do the opposite.

It is not hard to avoid an unpleasant afterlife.

“It is a life of love, a life of behaving honestly and fairly in every task, that leads to a heavenly life,” said a philosopher (who had alleged glimpses of the beyond).

[adapted from The Other Side]

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