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In prayer we tap into the foreknowledge of God. We're open to what He may want to tell us about the future. Most importantly, we can be led as to what we need to further pray about.

Such is all relevant because it's important to pray before it's too late. You know what we mean: when you're hit with a sudden crisis, initially you feel overwhelmed. There is the feeling that you're in a deficit, that there is a hole -- that it will take forever to dig out.

Most of the time when big trouble hits it seems like we're running way behind in what we need to achieve in prayer.

It comes out of nowhere. The clock is ticking.

We can be relieved of that unpleasant experience -- and perhaps avoid it entirely -- if we learn each day to pray about what we should pray about -- and to "cover all bases," to pray about situations before they occur, before it's too late, to be precognitive. Pray in the foreknowledge of God.

In meditation, heart-to-heart with God -- in our supplications to Jesus -- a clear soul can meditate on every area of potential concern and pray about each of those areas.

As you run down a list of possible problems, God will open up knowledge of what else may need prayer. Things will pop into your head. The longer you pray, the more in touch you are.

In prayer, we are led by the Holy Spirit -- if we ask Him to lead us, and if we ask Him constantly what it is we should hold in prayer.

This doesn't mean that you will never be hit by surprise. Life is full of them. Life is a test.

But you will be buffered.

Don't just wing a prayer at a potential crisis. Pray about situations until there is a feeling of quiet, of settlement.

This is when prayers have been absorbed.

When events do transpire, instead of a "debt," we have an account from which to draw.

Do we pray each day about potential health problems, about evil that may threaten, about jobs and duties and possible family troubles -- in detail? About driving? About whom that day we may encounter? About safety (especially in these times)? Do we meditate on the areas that may unexpectedly crop up?

Pray against the unpleasant unexpected -- about hidden things -- and you will have that buffer. You will tap into His foreknowledge. Plead His Blood. Cover your home. Cover your loved ones. It is a time of grace but also a time of great spiritual agitation. Like a washing machine, we can get caught in the wrong cycle.

Don't accept the negativity of others. Don't have "negative faith." This includes doctors. There are many terrific ones and also those who are so secular that they are out of touch with the Spirit and this can cause us to develop negative faith, which strips away our protection.

Too often we are told "bad" medical news and we accept it -- instead of buffering against it.

There are folks alive today who were told they had a few months to live -- ten and twenty or even thirty years ago.

They are alive because it was not their "time" and they were buffered and they did not accept the negative report. They did not let the negative take root. Instead, they were in touch with Divine foresight. They aimed high instead of aiming low (which is a much easier target).

Aim high. Pray without ceasing. Pray especially about your mission in life. Each day, ask the Lord what it is you most need to pray about and watch as the pieces fall into place and a wall of protection rises before the enemy comes.

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