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The grass-roots pro-life movement has scored dramatic gains -- really, an unsung triumph -- despite a climate of immorality and political impasse. Although reporting is incomplete, recent numbers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control strongly indicate that termination of the unborn has very markedly declined since the 1980s, especially in the past few years (despite strongly pro-choice political leaders). From 2000 to 2009, the total number and rate of reported abortions have decreased, along with the ratio (abortions per one thousand pregnancies), which fell eight percent. The total number of abortions is subject to question (due to differences in various tallies and the fact that California doesn't officially report its number). But bottom line: by this major study the number of abortions in the United States is significantly less than when a strongly pro-life president, Ronald Reagan, was in office during the 1980s. Abortions -- still a huge crisis -- peaked in 1990 and the proportion is falling.

There is thus good news along with the bad (Roe won't be overturned anytime soon and abortions continue, now, often, chemical ones; there is also the growing issue of genetic manipulation), but let's focus for now on the good, which is almost certainly due to the grass-roots folks: those who hold up placards at abortion clinics, donate toward billboards, or -- perhaps most importantly -- have the courage to put pro-life bumper-stickers on their cars. True heroes, these: who aren't afraid to express their feelings publicly: up close and personal. Imagine you're a pregnant sixteen-year-old driving past a billboard with the picture of a tiny baby ("Let Me Live") or of a little heart ("My heart begins beating at 13 weeks") or are behind a car at a red light with a bumper message that says "Take my hand, not my life." Anyone who sees the message "Abortion Kills Babies" is likely to grant the matter additional thought.

And here is where the focus should return: to a grass-roots, street-level, spiritual approach, as opposed to a raucous political one (though politics, particularly at a state level, where restrictions can be tightened, still bears import). While an involvement in politics has benefits and may so continue (keeping the matter in the news -- and thus also showing young women this is an issue they must contemplate), largely it has not borne expected fruit and one must be cautious, in closely aligning with any political group, that it does not suddenly distance itself from the cause and that one does not adopt its rancor or other of its issues that at times contravene the teachings of the Vatican. Reinvigoration of a "right-to-life" party with much more attention paid to the "ground game" (those billboards) seems a logical direction. Tossing blessed salt in front of clinics, and saying rosaries, doesn't hurt either. Our bishops should consider gatherings at abortion mills not only in passive prayer but to cast out evil. This would be in line with the grass-roots ministry of Jesus. Noteworthy here: every time there is the claim of a "miraculous image," it seems to conform with Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is patroness of both the Americas and the unborn.

Praying, standing outside clinics, and putting messages on cars increasingly seem like a purer and more effective approach -- and should also be used when it comes to circumstances such as that of Wall Street abuses, pollution, Hollywood contamination, homosexual marriage, and many other aspects of modern life that have strayed. (Perhaps we can start with bumper stickers that say, "Put Mary back in marriage.") Astonishing it is how swiftly legalized marijuana and same-sex marriage have garnered acceptance and frightening it is how quickly opposing the latter has become a "hate crime." We are not called to judge (certainly not to hate), but neither are we called to compromise. Perhaps the bumper-sticker in this case: "Love the sinner, hate the sin." Most effective of all -- to show society we're out here -- is that "fish" symbol indicating active Christianity. Quickly: tabulate how many people -- including politicians -- may see your car on a given day.

-- Michael H. Brown

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