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No Need For Fear As Times Come Upon Us And The Prophetic Indications Intensify

by Michael H. Brown

There is no fear for those who pray. There is no fear even when we hear of wars and rumors of wars and Bin Laden and buying duct tape. There is no fear when we pray because when we pray the Holy Spirit tells us everything we need to know: on our knees or at Mass or in front of the Eucharist, reciting the Rosary, there is only the peace of knowing that earth will always be a place of trials and that one day we will transcend them (and can even transcend them now if we learn how to love, which casts away all fear).

There is no cause for fear because when we pray enough, the Lord surrounds us and our families with protection.

Of course, He can also change the very course of coming events. We should not look upon a strike at Iraq as a foregone conclusion. That's a mistake. It is still only a "rumor." As the Blessed Mother once said, with prayer and fasting we can "prevent wars and even suspend the laws of nature."

But the hour grows late, and certain times are upon us. Across the spectrum, prophetic indications are now at the brink of greater intensification. Armageddon? The end of the world? Those terms are for those who seek to demean prophecy. What God is set upon is purification. He is exerting justice. This is seen not only in military issues but also in tragedies, societal turmoil (see Venezuela), and natural events.

Everything has meaning. There is no such thing as coincidence.

As one prognostication we call the "1990 prophecy" foresaw, during the 1990s there would come a new test for mankind (we think this was cloning) and "how mankind responds to this new evil will determine the extent, length, and severity of the first chastisements. These chastisements will differ according to regions, and like the great evil, will not always or usually be immediately noticeable for what they are..."

Thus, instead of watching first for the Big Event, instead of waiting for a Hollywood-style happening, we must first watch the way in which regional events occur and then intensify (whether hurricanes in the South or nor'easters in the Northeast or terrorism).

Did the 1991 prophecy not speak of certain major events -- and even the rise of a nefarious leader? Yes. We'll discuss that when the time is right. But for now we should focus on what is before us: the regional indicators. For after discussing the rise of a European force, and a cloud over New York, the alleged prophecy, granted by Christ in an anonymous dream, had said that "God's Hand will be evident in South America" -- what may be an allusion to the current societal upheaval there (which some consider a harbinger of societal turmoil elsewhere).

"The world will not end but change," said the prophecy (which is submitted only for your discernment). "In the period also will be a warning that involves not fire from the sky but fear of fire from the sky, and strange loud rumblings. This, according to mankind's response, will then be followed by another chastisement, or the inevitable onset of the change of era. Your era is ending. Soon the world will not be the world you know. I am not speaking of a barren world, or one depopulated, but of the end of your technological era. Many inventions of mankind will be broken down and there will be more of a peasant attitude and way of life everywhere."

According to seer Maria Esperanza, who is not associated with that particular prophecy, but who has ventured her own, right now God is holding back the arms of the terrorists. This week, it seems like one of those "arms" soon may be loosed. It doesn't have to be. It's not too late. But we are entering what we have mentioned before: the steeper curve of purification. The same 1991 prophecy that warned of a cloud over New York, that warned something would happen there within 12 years (it occurred 10 years later), and so accurately warned of the specific year of cloning breakthroughs (1994), has warned us that God is set upon taking back His creation. He is going to break down our falsity, if we don't do it ourselves. He is concerned not so much for the temporal world but for our eternity.

We should praise Him for that. And pray. If we pray, we don't fear these "signs." And pray we do -- for conversion, which can halt any disaster.

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