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Prophecy: Move To Clone Human Embryos Will Lead To Severe Regional Events

By Michael H. Brown

In this time when so many alarms must ring let us loudly ring the alarm again over "therapeutic" cloning. Although few recall it, on the morning of September 11, 2001, the main headline in The New York Times was: Scientists Urge Bigger Supply Of Stem Cells, Report backs Cloning to Create New Lines.

In other words, the scientific community was demanding the creation -- for purposes of using their cells -- of human embryos.

That was on 9/11! As we pointed out, The New York Times is seven miles from Ground Zero. The same story was also the main headline that morning in America's national newspaper, USA Today, which is just three miles from where a third plane struck the Pentagon.

Hints and more hints. Now we get word that human embryos have been created in South Korea. This isn't the clone cult claiming it (although for all we know they're up to something too). "Researchers from South Korea say they have cloned human embryos and extracted from them stem cells in a development that experts hope could spark a medical revolution," reported CNN. It is big news today -- a "medical breakthrough."

Strange, strange times. Dangerous times. Almost breathtaking. At the same time as the cloning news are the reports on gay "marriage" and Super Bowl scandals and an openly homosexual Anglican bishop, not to mention the seemingly endless Catholic abuse crisis.

But cloning is the single greatest threat to morality.

The American Medical Association has endorsed the same thing: creation of humans for therapeutic purposes -- embryos that will basically be harvested for their line of cells, which is evil because an embryo is a human. All around us is news of men trying to recreate God's creation: cloned pigs and horses and genetically-altered crops and human cells injected into animal cells and soon vice versa. Moreover, there have since come reports of scientists mixing male and female cells in embryos.

This is serious stuff -- as serious as abortion.

The AMA proposal focused on a laboratory procedure designed to create embryos to cultivate their stem cells, which are master cells that can potentially grow into any type of human tissue. Scientists believe these cells could potentially be used to treat a wide range of human diseases. Such early embryos would be discarded when they consist of only a few cells, but they could theoretically develop into a human if implanted into a woman's uterus. "The AMA's Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs submitted the proposal with hopes that it would become official AMA policy," say the reports.

And if it does, if it becomes policy and affects the nation's overall policy, watch out; this is when the purification will step up in force. We say this based on a prophecy from 1990 predicting that "in four years there will arise a new evil the likes of which mankind has never before encountered. It will arrive almost imperceptibly, with few people noticing the depth of its evil, for it will appear to have beneficial and convenient aspects. It is an evil comparable to abortion -- that is to say, that even if evils as great and widespread as abortion were to be eliminated, this is enough of an evil that it would present mankind with an enormous challenge. This evil is being allowed as a test because of the prayers inspired by Mary to put off chastisements. How mankind responds to this new evil will determine the extent, length, and severity of the first chastisements." 

We believe in that prophecy because it was indeed four years later -- in 1994 --  that the director of National Institutes of Health (NIH) created a Human Embryo Testing Research Panel to recommend guidelines for reviewing applications for federal research funds. The panel endorsed human embryo research. In December 1994 President Clinton announced that human embryo research would be permitted, but the use of federal funds to create embryos solely for research purposes would be prohibited. The year 1994 was also a year that saw a scientist clone the embryos of four calves as technology paved the way for Dolly, the first cloned sheep -- who by the way had been quarantined during the hoof-mouth outbreak and later was euthanized because of severe physiological problems.

Those actions were accompanied by some of the greatest natural disasters in U.S. history, including record El Ninos, northeasters, hurricanes, and "perfect" storms.

We believe that meddling with human embryos will bring a flurry of even more severe regional events -- and will have more to say on this shortly. We even wonder if the crash of the Columbia was a sign that had something to do with technology, an indication that we aren't as advanced as we think. Far out? Perhaps. But there was a stem-cell experiment, albeit not an embryonic one, onboard that shuttle.

We urge the AMA to rescind its nascent policy. We urge the world community to turn its opprobrium toward South Korea. "It makes a stance for science," said Dr. Michael Goldrich, incoming chairman of the committee that drafted the cloning report.

But we have repeatedly warned that such would come as a deception. As the 1990 prophecy, allegedly from Jesus, also stated, "My greatest nemesis is science, even more so than the media. The science that alters life, the science which creates a counterfeit heaven, the science that toils with the womb and genes, the science that has filled the air with the power of the enemy, the science which creates chemical witchcraft and fouls the earth, the science which seeks to create life but cannot in actuality even sustain it, the science which has denied God."

Feb 2004

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