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Weather Events Hit Stride of Extremes As Climate Complies With Prophesy

Has the weather in your area been strange?

For most, the answer is yes: we are in a time of extremes, and just about everyone is seeing it. In New England, relentless rain and cold pushed right toward Memorial Day -- more rain, over several weeks, than most could remember. In the Northeast, normally gorgeous May weather saw highs in the fifties. The same was true of the upper Midwest, while other regions of the world were witness to floods -- inundations that in some cases caused not hundreds but thousands to evacuate.

In Australia (photos, left above and below) it has been rare and potent storms. One caused such damage to St. Patrick's Cathedral in Banbury that they have to tear it down.

It all seems to work toward the prophecy of Our Blessed Mother of LaSalette -- who in wording that should be unforgettable prophesied that "the seasons will be altered."

Indeed! In some cases months have been redefined as changes have repeated over the past several years, bringing consistently new seasonal weather. It is hotter or it is colder or it is wetter and the trend has proven to be more than a blip.

We all know about last year and the hurricanes. But few realize how many tremendously powerful storms have hit places like Japan (which set a record last year for typhoons) as well as Australia -- where, as during the Middle Ages (when the climate was also gyrating), hail now comes the size of a "pullet's" or chicken eggs.

Heat waves with near-record temperatures have affected Spain, Portugal, and Romania, while in other areas of Europe there have been extremely cold events.

As severe to extreme drought conditions persisted throughout much of the U.S. northern Rockies, heavy amounts of rain and snow were recently reported throughout parts of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

It may be unusually cool in the Northeast for a spell, but then the season as a whole proves to be abnormally warm -- another extreme -- as the teeter-totter jolts back up and normally warm areas elsewhere see a trend toward coolness.

In the Hastings, Nebraska area in recent days, significant severe weather occurred, including very large hail, damaging winds and widespread flooding. Radar estimated rainfall accumulation locally exceeded 10 inches!

In the state of Orissa in India, meanwhile, highs have gone to 122 degrees, causing dozens of deaths.

Watch this year for the unusual when it comes to both tornadoes and hurricanes. Watch for them to wander where they do not normally wander. Watch for unusual inactive periods -- quiet times, despite projections -- followed by a major event. Watch for increasing evidence that flora and fauna -- plants and animals -- from regions to the south of you are suddenly showing up in your locale.

Maples will be stressed in many parts of the nation that are growing warmer while scrawnier oaks will take their place. Marsh will switch places with dry land. Butterflies normally indigenous to Mexico will be found in Canada (in fact, this has happened already).

We are in a switch of climate, a period of warning, and as it alters, so will your landscape.

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[Hurricane-force winds are most likely to strike this year in Cape Hatteras, N.C., and Miami Beach and Naples, Fla., according to an analysis of coastal cities by a University of Central Florida professor and a Georgia researcher released today. Cape Hatteras has a 10.31 percent chance of experiencing hurricane-force winds this year, followed by Miami Beach at 10.16 percent and Naples at 10.01 percent, based on an analysis of hurricane tracks during the past 154 years and of ocean and climate conditions for 2005. The probabilities of hurricane force winds, meaning winds of 74 mph or greater, striking other U.S. cities include 9.12 percent for West Palm Beach, Fla., 6.87 percent for New Orleans; 6.66 percent for Wilmington, N.C., and 5.08 percent for Charleston, S.C. That's the statistical model; but our advice: expect the unexpected]


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