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Book Predicted Onset Of Big Hurricanes

[We are asked what we expected with recent storms. We quote from Sent To Earth, published autumn of 2000, Queenship Publishing]:

Page 215: "There were going to be hurricanes that combined force and there were going to be hurricanes that came one after another, that wandered where they had never gone, that stalled over areas... that hit the same places more than once..."

Page 227: "A hurricane forecaster named William Gray said there would be an increase in frequency for 15 to 20 years as the speed of ocean currents shifted according to salinity and there were also favorable conditions set by global temperatures, rainfall in Africa (where storms like Andrew were spawned), and gyrations in the upper atmosphere."

Page 172: "There were indications something was up, and officials were screaming about it, shouting at developers who were building close to the water. There had been a lull from the 1970s to the early 1990s but it was ending and now there would be turbulence for at least the next couple decades as there had been back during the Great Miami Hurricane and perhaps as during ancient onslaughts.

"Nature moved in cycles; there were seasons of the year; there were long-term cycles. God worked through them. He enhanced aspects of them. He could swing them into especially dramatic mode. And it was time to prepare for it. Florida was what [Dr. William] Gray called a 'sitting duck, a recipe for disaster.' Monster hurricanes were brewing, and if it followed other trends, there would be quiet years followed by ones that were explosive."

page 238: "We were entering a time when a single system could haunt us for exceptionally long times, affecting many states."

Page 233: "The nation -- the world -- would watch as the storm-of-all-storms swept over the Bahamas like a giant cogwheel dealing hateful tongues of red and violet on the radar."

page 235: "In a landfall between Miami and Fort Lauderdale people would be affected from the Keys to Daytona."

page 232: "It would pound San Juan, crush the voodoo in Haiti."

"The big ones were coming. Maybe not next year, maybe not the year after, but they were coming. And it would deserve the term 'mega,' with Florida and specifically the 'Gold Coast,' the corridor between Miami and Palm Beach, the most inviting target."

page 231: "There were now 6.7 million people in Florida who were susceptible to the effects of a category-five, and even without further warming we were entering into what Gray deemed 'a new hurricane era.'"

page 226: "From New Orleans to Houston and on to Corpus Christi (which meant 'the Body of Christ') was great danger."

Oct 2004

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