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We can use various terms for it: global warming, not global warming, storm systems, low pressure, high pressure, fronts -- but the most relevant word, when it comes to the weather, is "strange."

It is strange out, and up, there. Just unusual. There have been historically-intense hurricane seasons and now virtually no cyclones, as far as North America is concerned; for years now, oddly, Florida has been safe -- but not the boardwalks of New Jersey; there are record tornado seasons followed by a year with a dearth of vortical air and yet violent weather-related events such as fires in Arizona and California and Nevada along with floods in places like Colorado and Manitoba.

Even the Weather Channel has a new program called "Strange Weather."

Our times are gyrational in line with weather forecasts of the more mystical type (see, Sent To Earth). "Over the last couple of days there has been a strange, lingering phenomenon in the weather front along the Washington, Oregon, and California Coastlines," wrote Greg Vigil from Spokane, Washington. "The image [above, taken on September 11] shows a cloud formation that has developed and remained in place for well over 48 hours. The likeness of a white horse is unmistakable."

We can read a lot into anything. Let's say this: if nothing else, it is a metaphor: The weather seems nearly to reflect the waywardness and erratic nature of our times.

The area hit by floods, Boulder, Colorado, is notorious for New Age influence. Sometimes, there seems to be a link to events; maybe; other times, we recall the words in Scripture: about how it rains on the good and evil alike. "There was the weekend earth-ritual workshop to be held in Lyons, which was completely cut off as all roads in and out were destroyed!" wrote another viewer. "The event was to wrap up September 16-19 with divination sessions. I definitely think there was a connection. I lived and worked in the Boulder area for 18 years and I can attest to the strong New Age influence. It is very much woven into the fabric of everyday life there."

A geyser erupted in another Colorado town called Manitou Springs, which an internet spiritual news site claims "is an area of intense spiritual warfare. Non-Christian spirituality has a strong undercurrent in this area, along with various cults and followers of witchcraft. Although a beautiful place, it is believed that Manitou was at one time dedicated to Satan, and is the wiccan capital of the nation. Many people may call this foolishness, but itís interesting to note that the word Manitou means Ďa supernatural being that controls nature, or an object that possesses supernatural power.í"

All roads were closed  to Manitou also [see The Denver Post].

Don't know about all the "satanist" claims. There are good and evil everywhere. But it's interesting, is it not -- happenstance? The geyser was mud exploding from the earth. But how about this miracle chapel? (Floodwaters went right around it.)

Meantime the photo at the left is from The Washington Post, which reports that "on the leading edge of a cold front gliding through the D.C. metro region this morning, a scary-looking tube-shaped cloud stretched across the skies in northern Virginia."

That was on September 16, 2013, the same day as that shooting at a naval yard in the area.

The paper called such clouds "rare" yet just last week we had an almost identical photo of the same type of cloud formation in the Midwest.

We were also sent a NASA shot showing preternatural patches of cloudless sky over major sections of the oceans. It just seems frozen in place, a Big Calm -- as far as cyclones; as far as right now.

"Warming lull haunts authors of climate report," says a headline today (9/19/13)

What's going on in the atmosphere?

Here's a news report from Climate Central: "Continuing a more than 28-year unbroken streak of warmer-than-average conditions, August tied with 2005 as the fourth warmest such month on record worldwide, according to data released on Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The last August that had a global average temperature below the 20th century average was August of 1978, and the last below-average global temperature for any month was February 1985, NOAA said."

As we said: strange. At the same time: record high ice in Antarctica; record low ice in the Arctic.

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