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In the "word of knowledge" (or alleged word of knowledge) known as the "1990 prophecy" was, toward its end, an intriguing line.

"The seat of Satan in America," it said, "is north of San Francisco."

The seat of Satan? North of San Francisco?

Let's explore this a little.

If such words of insight, prophecy, or intuition are to be believed (this supposedly came from Christ and an angel), what it means is, obviously, the first issue (genetic research in northern California, old hippies, the Presidio, Berkeley, the Bohemian Grove?). We have explored this before. We explore it further at retreats.

But the issue we will key on today is the very use of the phrase "seat of Satan."

For we also find this phrase -- the seat of Satan -- as it happens, in Scripture -- namely, in the Book of Revelation (2:13):

"I know thy works and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is," states that verse, "and that thou holdest fast My name and hast not denied My faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was My faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth."

This is the King James Version. The New American Standard Bible, which we use most often, uses the term, "Satanís throne."

But the point is the same, and both versions are referring to the ancient Greco-Roman city of Pergamum (or Pergamon) in modern-day Turkey.

Interestingly, Turkey would also become the place where the Blessed Mother -- chasing away evil -- spent her last days not so far south at Ephesus, where the Assumption may thus have occurred.

But let us stay on the topic of Pergamum. How was Pergamum similar to what may be somewhere on the West Coast? What might be the connection?

Here, our mystery deepens.

At the time Revelation was written, Pergamum was a thriving city in the northeast of the country, one that was pervaded -- and badly contaminated by paganism. That's one aspect. There was occultism -- as California, and certainly areas around San Francisco, were springboards for modern American occultism.

The height of Pergamum's occultism was in the form of the many gods and goddesses; in biblical times, it is said, the altar of that prime pagan "god" -- Zeus -- was in fact located there in Pergamum (fitting the bill, in this view, as what Jesus, speaking to John, revealed as the "throne" or "seat" of the devil).

It was an occult stronghold in a materialistic and academic and artsy, theatrical city that ruled over much of the ancient world and where many claimed visions, including dreams of demons. At the top of the altar was a huge bull that used to contain those unfortunate people who were set afire as human sacrifices (and nearly reminds one of the bull on Wall Street). It was here that Antiphas, the first bishop of that city, was martyred.

The history of the altar of Zeus, as it turns out, was to extend far beyond Pergamum -- and even the region.

Discovered by Germans in the 19th century, it was eventually excavated stone by stone and incredibly enough reassembled for a museum in Berlin that opened in 1930 (the very year cited as a political turning point for the rise of a man named Adolph Hitler).

A coincidence?

Those in attendance swore an oath that included the words, "Blazing flames hold us together into eternity...No one shall take this faith from those who are dedicated to Germany."

It was the spirit of anti-christ. It was an abomination of desolation. Is this the lesson of Pergamum?

The Bible (1 John 2:18) tells us there have been "many anti-christs" -- plural: more than one. It is why many Christians are concerned in our own time about the possibility of a nefarious person taking to the stage of a newly formed world order (see again the 1990 missive, as Hitler tried to create a single order, as also was attempted in ancient times).

Hitler -- who held a bizarre fascination with religious artifacts -- also had his archeologists bring to Germany a spear that he believed had been used by Longinus to pierce the side of Christ (John 19:34). Pergamon's other notable structure was the great temple of the Egyptian goddess Isis (the matron of nature and magic).

The altar of Zeus was used as the template for a colossal grandstand that was later built for the rally grounds in Nuremberg.

It was at Nuremberg -- during a rally -- that Hitler first used the term "Final Solution."

The sacrifices of the bull, then -- one might say -- were replaced by the burning of Jews in the camps (in fact, "holocaust" means "burnt sacrifice").

How was Pergamum similar to what may be -- if we believe this prophecy -- on the West Coast? What might be the connection? Is there anything here beyond coincidence?

One can also look to an old Jewish proverb:

"Where the Law of God is not taught, there Satan dwells."

A conundrum wrapped in a puzzle (surrounded, as they say, by an enigma).

Meanwhile, it was at Bohemian Grove that international movers and shakers first famously discussed a plan to build atomic weapons (speaking of fire) that would later become notorious as the "Manhattan Project."

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