Life Missions, Family Healings, by Michael H. Brown, a booklet compilation, overview and close look at the growing claims that family lines can be plagued by problems caused by spirits that come down through the generations -- leading to illness, distress of many sorts, and inexplicable family tendencies! Yet something that a number of priests -- citing Scripture -- claim can be cast away through recognition of the problems, partaking of the sacraments, and diligent prayer. Included is an extremely powerful prayer of deliverance, a family healing prayer, and the blessing for use of sacramental salt! May your family be blessed by it! (below for paper version; here for Kindle  or Nook) CLICK HERE



We don't like being negative but let's be blunt: one of the greatest tragedies of the modern Church has been its stark neglect of spiritual warfare.

This neglect -- confounded at each turn by what's in the Bible -- has cost the faithful dearly.

It has cost "psychological" healings. It has caused missed opportunities to save marriages. It has allowed youth to stray badly. It has led to many suffering from ailments that could have been expelled but instead were misread as medical issues -- not the spiritual ones they were and remain.

It is nearly rare for a priest to fashion a homily about spiritual warfare, even after Gospel readings that are solely about evil.

A tragedy? Many seeking help at diocesan offices for what they believe are demonic attacks are referred instead to psychologists -- who by and large do not believe in evil entities.

This is more the rule, by far, than the exception.

Meanwhile, there are virtually no warnings from the pulpit about even basic dangers of things like the Ouija board, the New Age, or spiritual "mediums" from Long Island.

We don't know of any greater current failing.

Did not Jesus call us to cast out demons? Did He not charge to us the task of healing?

The Pope himself pointed this out recently when he during a homily at Casa Santa Marta after the reading on how some accused Jesus of casting spirits out in the name of Beelzebub and about how evil can attack. The Pope, as reported by Vatican Radio, noted that all along, "and even in our days, there is the temptation to belittle the figure of Jesus. Some priests when they read this Gospel passage, this and others, say: 'But, Jesus healed a person from a mental illness.' They do not read this here, right? It's true that at that time you could confuse epilepsy with demonic possession, but it is also true that there was the devil! And we have no right to simplify the thing, as if to say: 'They were not possessed; they were mentally ill.' No! The presence of the devil is in the first page of the Bible and the Bible ends with the presence of the devil, with God's victory over the devil." In this regard, warned the Holy Father, "we must not be naive."

They are words spoken by a man who understands the spiritual component, words that should be sent to every parish in North America, Western Europe, and Australia -- where the devil has been turned into a cartoon as the Church bowed before scientism, listening, with all due respect, to Freud more than to Jesus.

Will that change? How many cases are medical or psychological issues? How many have at least a partial demonic element?

Judging from how many times Jesus cast out evil spirits before effecting a cure, the answer would seem to be, if not most, "many."

Muteness. Deafness. Crippling ailments. Female problems. Epilepsy.

Are not these all some of the illness Jesus cured by expurgating the devil?

Was He "superstitious"?

In some cases it is simply a physical malady. In others it's purely demonic. In many, it's a combination: evil spirits taking advantage of and exacerbating physical problems.

Let's take epilepsy.

Noted the famed evangelist and deliverance minister, Derek Prince: "In the early 1970s a young woman of eighteen came for prayer. She had been diagnosed with epilepsy, which was controlled by medication. When she heard some of my teaching, she wondered if her epilepsy might be caused by an evil spirit. When we prayed for her and commanded the demon of epilepsy to leave her, it came out. But then I felt the Lord telling me, Your job isn't finished. So I asked the girl, 'How did your seizures start? Was it through a physical injury?'

"'Yes,' she replied. 'I was struck on the head by a baseball, and after that the seizures started.'

"I explained to her that the physical injury opened the 'door' by which the spirit of epilepsy entered. 'Now that the spirit has gone out,' I said, 'we need to close the door so that it can't come in again.'"

When she was prayed over for the physical healing, the seizures halted for good -- with no medication. (They also delivered her daughter from the same spirit.)

"A friend of mine, an evangelist, was asked to pray for someone with epilepsy," noted Prince (in his remarkable book, They Shall Expel Demons). "When he came against the epileptic spirit, the spirit -- not the person -- replied, 'You fool! I've been medically certified.' Demons know how to adapt to modern medical procedure and terminology! When people come to me for prayer for deliverance from epilepsy, I usually tell them, 'You need to know that the demon may put up a fight before it leaves. Are you prepared to fight for yourself? If so, I'll fight together with you and we'll win.' In every case that I can remember, the person has been willing to fight, and God has given us the victory."

As the Pope (who does not seem very liberal here) concluded, in the translation presented by Asia News: "Do not confuse the truth. Jesus fought against the devil: the first criterion. Second criteria: whoever is not with Jesus, it is against Jesus, there is no halfway. Third criterion: keep guard of our hearts , because the devil is cunning. He is never completely banished; only on the last day will he be. Jesus said that when the unclean spirit leaves someone, it haunts desert places, seeking rest and finding none it says : 'I will return to the house from which I came.' And when he finds it 'swept' and decorated, then it goes and gathers seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they take up their abode are. And so, the last state of that man becomes worse than it first was.'

"Vigilance! Because his strategy is this: 'You became Christian. Advance in your faith. I will leave you. I will leave you tranquil. But then when you are used to not being so watchful and you feel secure, I will come back.' The Gospel today begins with the devil being cast out and ends with the devil coming back! St. Peter would say: 'It is like a fierce lion that circles us.' It is like that. 'But, Father, you are a little ancient. You are frightening us with these things...' No, not me! It is the Gospel! And these are not lies: it is the Word of the Lord! Let us ask the Lord for the grace to take these things seriously. He came to fight for our salvation. He conquered the devil! Please do not do business with the devil ! He tries to find his home, to take possession of us ... Do not relativize this, be on guard! And always with Jesus!"

-- Michael H. Brown

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