Eucharistic Miracle, Lanciano

Former Pentecostal Details Stunning Healings As Well As Eucharistic Miracle

From The Mailbag: Why All the Miracles?

From the mailbag: Witnesses Claim Image in Vermont Window

An experience with vanishing pages

From the mailbag (unedited): woman experiences 'illumination'

Tree icon in Manhattan reportedly 'wept'

Icon blood miracle

From the mailbag: a miracle connected to Roe vs. Wade

From the mailbag and for your discernment: did a statue in Ohio come to 'life'?

From The Mailbag: A Blue Butterfly In Massachusetts


A brush with Padre Pio


The miracle of the Mercy billboards


The weeping icons in Hempstead


How miracles occur

Blessed Virgin, Angels

Do You Believe In Miracles? Broadcaster Recounts An Amazing Christmas Wonder

From Hidden Stained Glass 'Image' To Gold Rosary, Odds And Ends In The Mail

Church group 'gets gold dust from God'

For Your Discernment From The Mail: Miracle Of Spiral Staircase In Santa Fe


Three Stories: A Miracle, A Brush With Evil, A Picture That Seemed To Move


Survival of Statues During Disasters Shows A Special Anointing, Not Idolatry


A Watch Lost In Gulf Is Found Four Miles Away--With A Very Timely Message

Statue of Guadalupe found in ocean: is it miraculous?

Another miracle in Medjugorje

Pray to Padre Pio

Canonization Of Padre Pio Likely To Be Most Momentous Since Therese Of Lisieux And Lead To An Explosion Of Grace

Padre Pio May Not Have Predicted the Papacy of John Paul II, But Pope Recalls the Miracle

Soon-To-Be Saint Padre Pio Was Study In Most Inexplicable Of Gifts: Bilocation

A Year After His Canonization Rumors, Miracles And Memories Follow Saint Pio

Famed Mystic Had Vision Of Crucifixion That Related To Abuse Of The Eucharist

Famed German Stigmatic Described Cave Where She Said Mary Gave Birth To Jesus

Thrust Into The Limelight, Revelations Of German Mystic Commanding Attention

A photo in frost (picture missing)

Mystery Surrounds City In Turkey Where Blessed Mother Was Said To Have Died

Virgin And Catholic Mystic In Hidden Role Behind Movie Embraced By Protestants

Mysterious Origin Of Name 'Guadalupe' Appears To Underscore Spiritual Battle

Miraculous statue from ocean?

Whichever Psalm It Was Showing, Irish Find Came At Odd Time And With Message

In Dossier Of Alleged Oozing Pictures Is Now One Of Australian Up For Sainthood

Seer Who Inspired Gibson 'Passion' Movie Said Christ's Chalice Still In Jerusalem

Famous Nun Said Visions Showed  Blessed Virgin Mary Initiated Way of the Cross

Emmerich Described Unnatural Dark And Phenomena That Occurred At Crucifixion

Massive Week Will Culminate In Dramatic Canonization Of A Great Saint Named Pio

Sister Caught In Tsunami Prayed In Spirit And Found An Awesome God In The Chaos

Miracle In Maryland Massive Tornado As Tabernacle And Statue Of Mary Survive

In Aftermath Of Katrina Are Reports Of Holy Water And Miraculous Protection

In Aftermath Of Tsunami Are Priests Who Recognize Reality Of Truly 'Miraculous'

Mysteries in old images

Miracle claimed with image from Venezuela

Fools For Christ: In A World Of 'Science,' Those Of Faith See Far Different Reality

Mormon Asked For A Sign About Catholic Truth And Says He Received The Stigmata

Phenomena Of Rose Petals With Images, Exuding Statues Reported In Venezuela

Global Phenomenon Of Weeping Statues, Pictures Baffling Bishops Everywhere

Images of the Madonna and Jesus shed blood and the scientists

Urgent Surgery Canceled After Executive Returns From Medjugorje  

Face Of 'Jesus' Now Claimed To Appear In Reflection On Office Building In Florida   

Image Of 'Virgin' On Office Building Near Tampa Turned Dark Just Before Terror of 9/11/01

Communion Minister Claims Water From Eucharist Vessel Turned Blood-Like Red

Are Images Seen In Clouds 'Illusions'-- Or God Inflecting Himself Into Our Realm?

Natural Or Supernatural? That's The Question Of The Hour

From The Mail: Exudations From Statue At Medjugorje Increases During Hour Of Mercy

Rosary Miracle Claimed In Connection With Statue That Exudes At Medjugorje

War Vet Said 'Voice' Came To Him During Fatima 'Sign' And Later Saved Him In War

Bishops Race To Shape Reaction As Cases Of Images And 'Weeping' Statues Spread

Family Sees Miracle Of Prayer And Hope, Of 'Higher Purpose,' In Return Of Child

For your discernment: new devotion: Rosary of Liberation

Gorgeous New Orleans Church Accents Importance Of Statues, Relics Of Saints

Sign of the times?

Why the Shroud of Turin is real

'Changing statues': an illusion or grace?

The alleged case of 'Little Audrey'

Man Who Was In 'Fast Lane' Of Hollywood And Drugs Finds God, Kidnapped In A  Cave

Does 'Rosa Mystica' statue in Louisiana solve mystery of weeping blood?

Risking Her Own Life, English Woman Gives Birth Twice In A Miraculous Fashion

Said To Be At Center Of Miracles, Girl In Worcester Is Example Of Human Dignity

After A Startling Vision Of Jesus On The Cross, Comedian Turned Into A Catholic

Woman In Wheelchair Reports On Statue 'Miracle' And Climbs Mount Without Cane

God Works In Gratitude And If You Doubt It Ask A Priest With World Fishing Record

God Illumination: How The Lord Is Really There, Especially When We Need Him

When God Is Ready To Perform A Miracle, Sometimes It's In Darkness Before Dawn

Christ Not Only Illuminates With Great Shafts Of Light But Also Heals With Them

Signs And More Come If We Hope Beyond Hope And Persist Beyond Persistence 

Wonders Occur When We Draw Close To God And Realize He Watches Everywhere

Church Near New York City With Tearing Icons Reports Alleged Healing Of Tumor

Blood From Ancient Eucharistic Miracle Said To Match Blood In Shroud Of Turin

Lepanto, 1571: The Battle That Saved Europe

'Little Coincidences' Come As Signposts, Especially When We Are Attending Mass

Eyewitnesses Demonstrate That God Is Always Watching -- Ready With Miracles

Eyewitnesses Demonstrate That God Is Always Watching -- Ready With Miracles

If You Want Daily Miracles, Empty Yourself And Ask For 'Hand Of The Lord'

When 'Electrocuted' Man Lost An Arm And A Leg, His Reaction Led To  Miracle

Mormon Asked For A Sign About Catholic Truth And Says He Received The Stigmata

Phenomena Of Rose Petals With Images, Exuding Statues Reported In Venezuela

In Maryland, Grotto With Hidden Past Of The Miraculous Continues With Miracles

Array Of Phenomena Claimed At Mount -- From Healing To Sighting Of Huge 'Angel'

Shrine In Maryland Joins List Of Grottos Said To Possess Special Healing Powers

In Maryland, Grotto With Hidden Past Of The Miraculous Continues With Miracles

Muslim Who Miraculously Escaped Dire Morocco Prison Credits Blessed Mother

Shrine Dedicated Lourdes In Ohio Is Yet Another Place In State Of Intervention

Inexplicable Images Of Mary And Jesus Baffle Many In Remote Part Of Canada

Allegedly Miraculous Images Appear At Fourth Locale In Remote Part Of Canada

Virgin Mary Images Appear in Sixth Northern Saskatchewan Community

Virgin Of Guadalupe Image Cries Blood

Mystery Deepens As Images Claimed To Be Supernatural Resemble A Mexican Relic

Our Lady Weeps And Is Becoming Increasingly Sad

At The Spot Where Two Hurricanes Made Land, A Woman Testifies To Intercession

Astonishing molecule that binds us together

'Signs' are in eyes, heart of beholder

God speaks in coincidence

Miracles: why oil in lamps before icons?

Of images in the clouds

Lights and orbs at Medjugorje

Images, images

Luminous phenomena

What can we say about remarkable 'coincidence'?

Humidity caused alleged images

Those images near Boston

Miracles or madness?

Has A Mission To The Poorest Seen Miraculous 'Multiplication'?

Signs Of Times Multiply, Among Them  Aspects In Sky And Especially The Sun

From Dreams To Photos, Sometimes It Looks Like The Subtle Touch Of Heaven

Images, Images Everywhere -- But How Many Of Them Are Really Supernatural?

Reports Of 'Images' Reach New Height As 'Figures' Appear In Strangest Of Places

Famous Icon Of The Holy Mother: Will It Be A Key In The Conversion Of Russia?

Hard As It Is To Believe, Biblical Miracles Are Still Alleged, Even 'Lazarus Events'

God Shows Himself In Displays Of Light At Times When There is Great Darkness

Author Asserts That Host Rose Subtly In Lourdes Basilica

Luminary phenomena

Coincidence: from baseball to angel

The miracle of Flight 401

Were there miracles of multiplication in Texas?

When science explains miracle

Researcher: prayer affects crystals

When, in history, statues seemed to 'come alive'

A little miracle at the Rock of Agony?

Kidnapped producer was saved after 'visions'

Miraculous protection during storms

Boy allegedly autistic from vaccine healed through prayers and the Virgin

Subtle motion of light: sign from God?

When God is in the 'corner' of the eyes

The cycle of miracles

The Power of the Rosary: man who accidentally shot himself saved in miraculous way 


Did nun get prophecy in 'oil'?

A 'miraculous' San Francisco chapel

Mailbag: 'illumination of conscience in dreams

Priest who sees souls says the 'veil' is 'thinning'

Eucharistic 'miracle' had image in it

Broker left Wall Street after 'illumination'

Mystery priest collected relics, had healing 'gift'

Prayer protects during storms

Miracle beat: exotic dancer turns to Rosary

Just a reflection?

Lights, camera, miracles?

Cleveland doctor claims to have seen Mary

Rosary saved college girl from killer

The mystery of Luisa Piccarreta

Of a Supreme Court justice and weeping statues, 'miracle' photos

Major cardiologist who 'raised the dead' describes power of devil

Prominent cardiologist recalls how he brought back patient from the dead

Christmas miracle? Sandals lost in very distant land suddenly reappear

In sun and sky formation seem sometimes hidden messages

The mailbag: lost and found 'miracles'

Are these images miraculous?

Lost and found: viewers recount their miracles

Analysis of 'miracle' staircase: unknown species

Holy places in New Mexico rival classic shrines

Is it a mystery or a miracle?

Body of long-deceased nun was found 'intact'

More cases of lost items found 'miraculously'

Pilgrim Crucifix said to be miraculous

God works slow miracles

Students, principal, and priests saw Jesus in Blessed Sacrament

More secret Vatican files detail Padre Pio's stigmata, bilocation

A miracle is a miracle

In Pennsylvania, 'miracles' near a cross on mountain

Lights, camera, orbs?

Mystery: is the Shroud the same as the 'veil' of Veronica?

Miracle moments: when a rainbow shows up in (Catholic) kindergarten

Mystic saw Shroud, Veil as two different cloths

God is Light and sometimes it seems cameras capture it

Escape to miracles: amid the dreariness of secularism, hints of more

The Scapular and eruption of mysticism in the 13th century

Biblical miracles still occur, when our eyes and ears are open to them

In seeking a miracle, remain open

The Mailbag: here and there and with e-mail beware

Seven-year-old girl: stigmata or medical mystery?

Photographs and phenomena: September update

Book details intricacies of miracles, apparitions, exorcism

Wood tabernacle survived amazing fire in Wisconsin

Mystical take: is portrayal of Jesus in 'photo of painting' anointed?

The mailbag: more on that remarkable photo of Jesus

When does a 'miraculous photo' harbor a mystery?

'Christmas week tsunami' showed how God circumvents anything

About weeping statues

From the mail: more on why statues 'weep'

When a bishop holds a weeping statue, it helps with Church sanction

Priest at rescue scene: how Heaven intervenes

'Angel' priest: perhaps miracles are meant to be under radar

Unusual reflections and glimpses of grace

How to discern: in life and with phenomena

The mystical beat: when we do pay attention to 'images'?

Discernment: events at the edge (perhaps) of perception

Mailbag: some fascinating photos from a pilgrim

On the far edges of alleged phenomena: glitter

Near-death episodes show that God had heal anyone of anything

That it be clear: Bible plainly states existence of 'signs and wonders'

Mailbag: of Peter's bones and an image in a tree and the six-decade Rosary

How a dog saved an infant

How God works: dog returns after a dream

When God shows Himself in light

The benefits of novenas

What's in a picture?

Of anointing with oil and healing

'Weeping,' 'bleeding' statues reported in Russia

Signs: when the young die

Oil that heals

When it (allegedly) comes to miraculous oil, sometimes there are messages

Miracle watch: pennies from Heaven

What St. Pio did when he was told he had 'months' to live

A message in 'miraculous' tears?

'Miracles' and the need for an infusion of the supernatural

Formations in light

American recounts phenomenon over northern Iraq

With 'miraculous' lights, it's often the story behind them

Of pictures and a thousand words and final Grace

Are 'signs' in the sky just mythology?

Are the lips of statues 'moving'?

In Pope's archdiocese was 'bleeding' Host

'House of tears': miraculous healing oil?

Visiting an amazing Eucharistic miracle

The mail: 'little wonders'

New book penned by American mystic detailed alleged visions of Jesus' life

Miracles and the perception of the moment

During serous accidents, 'beams of light' come from those who intercede

At various turns in life, God often unexpectedly shows Himself

A case of oil on the wall of a devout Catholic's home

In California, wonders large and small

A meditation on 'myrrh'

Mailbag: the touch of a Divine Mercy picture

Was it Padre Pio with the Pope?

What's real and what's not, when it comes to 'miraculous pictures that are a bit too detailed?

Images in flames

Priest, pilgrims document mysterious red liquid at Gethsemane

Coincidence or the sign of Divine Presence?

When a cancer scare led to a Face in a chapel

'Miracle' in Maryland led nun to design image later honored by Pope

Mailbag: Mary at Notre Dame grotto?

Mail: amazing cases of knowing things in advance

Astronauts, cosmonauts, and spiritual experiences in space

A dream about the Asian tsunami

Amazing photos: sometimes light is the message

When 'odor of sanctity' led to 'miracle' rose petal

The strange phenomenon of 'fire stigmata'

Manifestation Faustina foresaw similar to ones reported elsewhere

Baptist woman who saw Mary believes manifestations continue

When the supernatural intermingles with the natural

Miracle claimed at site of Crucifixion

Clouds and fountains and tears: miracles of Jesus and Mary

Oil resumes flow from famous icon in Syria

Did St. Thérèse send these petals?

Mailbag: the sun last Sunday

Images in clouds and other peculiarities

Of all mystical gifts, erupting rose most baffling one

Signs, some little and some not so little

Boy with autism said to convey 'messages from Heaven'

From the mail: hunches that foretell events

Sister Faustina's sign and other similar manifestations through centuries

A sun miracle over Knock?

Big wisdom in a little voice

'Signs' everywhere

Did the eyes of a saint blink?

Mailbag: knowing things in advance

Holograms appear to show letters under Shroud beard

Mailbag: discernment time

The lights in Heaven

Miracle touches

The mystery of black Madonnas

A 'snowincidence'?

Is it an angel -- or just a reflection?

Oldest church in Pennsylvania becomes 'church of miracles'

Alleged miracles in Texas

Was Christ in smoke from space shuttle?

Mailbag: when the sun's light reminds us of Jesus

Is Mary in the Shroud of Turin?

The surprising evidence for manna

When a dying man in Calcutta turned into Jesus

Mailbag: miracles

Beyond coincidence

Artist: no natural way to explain oil from statue

Miracle watch: discerning videos

Bible said to be exuding 'gallons' of oil

Miracle watch: all that glitters

Art of the coincidence

Miracles from afar: tears in Ukraine

When an icon of Saint Michael weeps

Miracles from afar: indications on why statues weep

Mailbag: in dark times, a comfort from light

Recalling a miracle in Venezuela

Was statue exudation fake?

Realizing the 'ripple effect'?

Looking back at tsunami miracles

When a storm saved the White House

Did replica of Guadalupe change color?

Man became priest after an 'illumination of conscience'

Healings continue with icons

Mailbag: when the 'Holy Spirit' morphs into a cross

Wonders, above and below

Doctors say Crucifix in their home exudes oil, salt

Modern-day Jonahs: was man swallowed by a whale?

Mailbag: Adoration 'miracle' in Argentina?

From the mail: wonders and comments

Remarkable phenomena at Florida shrine

How did the House of Loreto get to Italy?

Dreams, Divine Mercy, and a famous crash

Northern lights, strange booms, the Christmas 'star'



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