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Meditations and Studies archive page


 1   Tragic Crash Of Columbia, Nudges Us Towards God

 2    Feast of the Annunciation prayer/ Humiliation Meditation

 3    Angel Mediation

 4    On Vocations

 5    St John of the Cross on Perfection

 6    How St. Faustina Handled Temptations

 7    16 Christian Epithets

 8    Fast From Cursing Others

 9    Spiritual Combat by Father Gregory

10    Prayer and Meditation for Using Holy Water

11    Birthday Greetings To BVM Who Restores What The Locusts Have Eaten

12    Church Approved Meditation at Kibeho (Africa)

13    Holy Communion Meditation and Prayer

14    Sr. Lucia's Meditation on the Rosary

15    Count Your Blessings

16    The Coming Chastisement

17    4th of July Weekend Meditation

18    Penalty for Cursing God

19    Meditation of God's Will from St. Faustina

20    Purgatory Meditation: Do Holy Souls Have Private Thoughts?

21    DeSales on Temptation    

22    Warning Sign (God uses everything, even humor)

22    Queenship of Mary   

22    God's Wings   

24    Mother Nadine's Method for Fasting   

25    St Therese of  Lisieux   

26    St Scholastica   

27    Sorrowful Mystery Meditations   

28    Divine Mercy Indulgence   

29    In a World Of  Dangers, There Is Also God's Infinite Means Of Protection    

30    Remedies to Control the Body   

31    Suffering As Spiritual Combat   

32    Queenship of Mary   

33    Fasting   

34    History Of The Scapular Includes The Calming Of A Hurricane Sea   

35    The Sneeze   

36    How Birth and Death Are the Same   

37    Christ Is Risen And The Power Of His Resurrection Blazes Through Eucharist   

38    John F. Kennedy --7 stories     

39    Satan's Meeting Plan   

40    In Time Of Evil  Protect Our Families By Praying Prophetically



Various Studies

 1    The meaning of the numbers 'six' and '13' in Scripture

 2    Were Nails Driven Through Palms Of Jesus? (3 stories)

 3    Seven, the sign of spiritual perfection?

 4    What Did Jesus Really Look Like?

 5    Patterns Formed With Sevens Reveal the Divine Nature

 6    Stitching On Shroud Indicates It Is Authentic

 7    Astonishing Discoveries About DNA Shows Super-Intelligent Design 

 8    Spirituality of Ronald Reagan (6X)

 9    Insights to the Messianic Claims of Jesus

10    Finding biblical phrases

11    Presidents And Politicians: A Hidden Streak Of Mystical Experiences

12    How They Vote For The Pope

13    Legend Lives That Holy Grail Was Linked To St. Mary Magdalene

14    Are There Parallels Between The Book of Exodus and Medjugorje?  

15    Following Bible Clues,  Ancient Sodom Found In Jordan

16    'I've found God' says geneticist

17    Following Bible Researcher Said To Find Ancient Sodom In Modern Jordan

18    Calendar Brings '666' Riddle To Fore And With It Exploitation