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Prayers archive page

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Stories About Prayers 

1     Faced With Persecution By 'Wayward' Bishop, Padre Pio's Answer Was Prayer
2     Nun Travels Country With Message That You Can Beat Stress By Going To God
3     Prayer Is The Best Way To Get To Heaven And Best Prayer Is Love In Action
4     Call On The 'Spirit Of Truth' And Watch  Answers Arrive With Sudden Clarity
5     Gifts From the Holy Spirit (Includes Prayers for the Seven Gifts)
6     Worrying Blocks God's Faithful Blessings
7     The Power Of  Fasting 
8     The Prayer Of 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus' Is All You Will Need
9     'Daddy, Jesus Just Told  Me To Touch The Picture And Pray'
10    Laugh, Grow Strong, And Chase Away The Devil
11    Fatima Visionary Cites Rosary As 'Most Powerful Prayer After The Liturgy'
12    Fear And Anxiety Leave Our Lives When We Yield Our Lives To God
13    Reaching Tranquility Means Leaving Everything In The Hands Of The Lord
14    St. Therese: A Lesson On Tears, Purging Self-Love, And Happiness
15    Of Exorcism, Angels, And A Prayer That  Appeared In A Book With No Explanation
16    Former Non-Believer Describes Journey From Apparition To Healing Nuns In India
17    Pope's  Plan To Strengthen Rosary Has Earmark Of Divine Inspiration
18    In Old 'Haunted' Convent Came A Lesson On Fear As Well As Power Of The Rosary
19    Lesson From Hiroshima: With The Rosary There Is A Protection Against Anything
20    A Life With Pure Intentions Elevates The Spirit And Brings Greatest Reward
21    When They Say Something Is 'Incurable,' Don't Lose Hope; Consult The Holy Spirit
22    Bush: 'when I'm on my knees I feel power'
23    If You Want To Find Contentment And Peace, Try What They Call 'Dying To Self'
24    Prayer Dedicated To Epiphany Said To Be Powerful In Cleaning And Sealing Homes
25    The Hurricane Lady And How Prayer Can Stop What Could Be Major Disasters
26    Little Book Of Prayers Lends Unusual Power With Invocations That Are Rare 
27    Prayer Is Of The Essence As We Enter The Era Of The Great Ocean Storms
28    Scriptural Rosary: A Powerhouse Of Grace And A Source Of The Miraculous
29    The Angels Physically Moved the House of Loreto
30    Florida Consecrated To Immaculate Heart Of Mary, With Governor Attending
31    Only With God And Prayer Can We Make Progress In New Spiritual Resolutions
32    'Joshua Effect' And Praying Seven Times Is Mysterious Way Of Invoking The Lord
33    Priest Recounts Incredible Healing That Convinced Him Of The 'Miraculous Medal'
34    A Spiritual Truth: Prayer Leads To Faith, And Faith Dispels The Darts Of The Enemy
35    Remarkable, Obscure Apparition Called For A 'Red Scapular Of The Passion'
36    When In Need Of A Miracle In Your Life, Try The 'Cana Way'
37    Hurricane Scientist Says That In Prayer Huge Storms Can Be Stopped
38    A Mother's Rule: Order And Joy Come When We Offer God What We Can
39    Mount: Highland In Holy Land Has History Related To The Virgin
40    Soldier Recalls Battle Of Bulge And Alleged Apparitions Of Virgin Mary
41    If A Tough Decision Clear The Fog By Asking The Holy Spirit
42    Fall Devotions For The Holy Souls
43    Mother-In-Law Commits Suicide. Did She Go To Hell?
44    Our Lady Of Good Counsel Is Powerful Devotion Based On Remarkable Events
45    Man Trapped In Cave Horror Reached To God And God Literally Reached For Him
46    It's No Coincidence That Thanksgiving Is The Same Week As 'Our Lady Of Graces'
47    If You Ever Get Fearful Or Hopeless, Try Praying From Very Bottom Of Your Being
48    Look at this: where three gathered
49    'Miraculous Medal' Marked New Era Of More Dramatic Visits By Blessed Mother 
50    Divine Mercy Saint Confirmed God's Hand In Storms And Came Up With An Answer
51    From Novenas To Devotionals, There Are Real Protections And Actual Miracles
52    Chaplet of Divine Mercy Is Really a Prayer Against Storms
53    Attendant Recalls Intercession of Blessed Mother During Crash of Flight 401
54    Grotto At Lourdes Serves As Model For Creation of 'Private Prayer Places'
55    Many Testify To The Power Of Novenas On Working a Slew Of Different 'Wonders'
56    A Heightened State Of Demonic Attack Demands A Higher State Of Protection
57    The Connections Between Fatima, Mount Carmel, And Mysteries Of The Scapular
58    Prayer Room: In Times Of Darkness There Are Prayers Which Create A Protective Shield
60    Our Lady of Knock and the purgatory connection
61    At The Root Of Divine Mercy Promotion Is Mission To Pray For Souls In Purgatory
62     A Prominent Woman Found Mysterious Markings That Gave Hope
63    From A Mysterious Painting Comes Mary, Undoer of Knots
64    Rosary Protects A Soldier In Iraq
65    Miracles Occur When The First Prayer Is For His Will
66    In The Rush To Aid Tsunami Survivors Plea Is Made Not To Forget Souls Of The Dead 
67    Revelation Of The 'Green Scapular' Same as Location Of Miraculous Medal  
68    07/07/05 Terrorist Attack Latest In a Run of Intensifying and Accelerating Events (with prayers pleading the Precious Blood)
68    Laymen Can Also Cast Out Evil Presences And Influences (2 stories)

69    From a Mysterious Painting Comes Mary As Undoer of Knots

70    Protestants Lost When It Comes To Graces And Protection Of Holy Statues

71    A Dog Prays (photo)

72    At Lourdes  A Feeling Of Cleanliness And Defeat Of A Demon

73    Of Purgatory and Grandpa’s Holy Card

74    Hanging Rosaries : Some Claim Practice Grants Protection

75    In Time Of Evil  Protect Our Families By Praying Prophetically

76    The Divine Mercy Novena begins on Good Friday 

77    Labor Day Brings Memories Of Great Hurricane That Could Return

78    In Battle Between Light And Dark, There Is The Intercession Of Saints (2X) 

79    Gabriele Amorth on the Value of the Rosary 

80    After Trials  Pennsylvanian Sees God Intervene In Way He Least Expected 

81    Through Thanksgiving We Find Deliverance For Ourselves And Families 

82    During Month Of Souls Recall A Mystic Known As 'Gertrude The Great'

83    Purity Of Mary And Holy Water Proven During Exorcisms To Drive Out Demons

84    Pray Before It's Too Late By 'Buffering' And Praying In Foreknowledge

85    'Home Invasions' Spur Fears Of A Future That Without Prayer

86    As Times Grow Turbulent, Word Seems To Be To 'Close The Door Of The Fort'

87    Intercession Of Angels Or Saints, Often It Is To Prevent Accident




Prayers    (please also see meditations page)

 1     Blessing a Home

 2     Litany Of Humility

 3     Chaplet Of Padre Pio

 4     A Prayer For The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

 5     Guardian Angels Prayer and Meditation

 6     Divine Mercy Novena  

 7     Novena Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

 8     Thanksgiving Day Prayer

 9     Consecration of America

10    Depression Prayer

11    Rosary to the Holy Wounds  (a webmaster favorite)

12    A Universal Prayer For All Things Necessary To Salvation

13    Prayer for the Salvation of Others

14    Prayer For The Future

15    St Rita--Intercessor for Impossible Causes

16    Prayer For American Soldiers

17    Prayer to God For a Family

18    Prayer For Trust

19    Prayer and Meditation to St. Anne

20    Prayers, bio and meditation for Kateri Tekakwitha

21    Almighty God

22    Maximilian Kolbe novena and meditation

23    St. Pius X for Eucharistic Love

24    Prayer for Enlightenment

25    Our Lady Of America Implores God's Help Against Rising Evil

25    Prayer Against Storms

27   St Andrew Novena (Christmas Prayer)

28    The Blood of Jesus (includes incredible indulgence)

29    Exultation of the Cross

30    Very powerful request for blessings

31    Nine Elevations to the Sacred Heart

32    Seven Offerings of the Most Precious Blood

33    Pope's Prayer Before the Icon of Kazan

34    2005 Year of the Eucharist Plenary Indulgence

35    For the Help of the Holy Spiri

36    Novena of Fasting and Prayers 

37    Prayer For Healing The Generations

38    Devotion to the Holy Wounds

39    In Time Of Anguish

40    Mystical Prayers of Jesus Christ

41    Sorrowful Mystery Meditations

42    Prayer to Maria Esperanza

43    Blessed Salt 


For Priests 

1     Novena for Priests

2     Beautiful Prayer for Priests


BVM and St. Joseph

 1     Our Lady of Mount Carmel Novena
 2     Morning Consecration to Mary
 3     Our Lady of Perpetual Help
 4     Our Lady of Prompt Succor
        Our Lady of Prompt Succor Novena
 5     Litany of Mary of Nazareth
 6     Joys and 7 Sorrows of Mary in Heaven .. and 7 Graces for Devotions  to Them
 7     Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary
        Scriptural Luminous Mysteries
 8     The Angelus
 9     Consecration To The Immaculate Heart /Consecration To The Most Holy Virgin Mary
10    Our Lady of Good Remedy
11    Litany to St Joseph
12    Prayer to Saint Joseph for the Spirit of Work
13    Consecration of the US to Mary Immaculate
14    Prayer To Mother Mary
15    Our Lady of Hope Novena and Prayer
16    Powerful Prayer to St Joseph for Protection
17    Prayer and Meditation To Our Lady Of Guadalupe 18   
20    Refuge of Sinners   
22    Our Lady of Trust
23    Novena to St Joseph
24    Litany of Our Lady of Mt Carmel
25    Rivers of Light Novena
26    St. Joseph Terrorist Prayer
27    Biblical Words of Comfort From Terror 
28    Mother of Mercy Chaplet
29    Son of Justice (Birth of BVM)
30    Mary Protectoress of Our Homes
31    Prayers Against Storms
32    Consecration of Children

33    When Things Don't Go Well, Try  Invoking 'Our Lady Of Surprises'

34    Our Lady Of Surprise Can Be Also Called  'Our Lady Of Hidden Things' 

35    The Holy Cloak:  A 'Hidden' Saint Is There With Hidden Novena      

 Deliverance from Evil, Forgiveness and Holy Souls (please also see meditations page)

 1     Blessed Salt (story and prayer)

 2     Four Forgiveness Prayers

 3     Prayer For Deliverance From A Curse

 4     Five Powerful Prayers Against Evil (Used to captured the DC sniper)

 5     Prayer For Reconciliation and Renunciation of Satan

 6     Prayer for God' Protections and Christ's Presence

 7     Mini Exorcism Prayer for Laymen

 8     Degrandis Forgiveness Prayers

 9     Prayer for Holy Souls by Day of the Week

10    Setting Someone Free

11    Priest Illustrates Examination Of Conscience (link outside of this site)

12    Divine Mercy Decree

13    Divine Mercy

14    For Protection and To Call Down Blessings  

15    Litany of St Michael

16    Link to obscure Church-approved site of St. Michael

17    Long Version of Prayer to St Michael

18    Emergency Preparation of a Spiritual Nature

19    Blessed Seelos of New Orleans (bio and prayer)

20    Year Of Eucharist Is Also The Year For Lessening Purgatory

21    The importance of Mejugorje: Inteview with Gabriele Amorth

22    Novena for the Holy Souls

23    Holy Water

24    Novena to Maria Esperanza   


Physical Healing

 1    Novena Prayer for Healing

 2    Physical Illness Prayer

 3    Powerful Prayer to St Raphael For Healing

 4    Intercession of John Paul II