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After life

From The Mailbag: A Dad Speaks From Beyond The Grave


From the Mail: The Voice My Dad Heard


The mysterious 'river of forgetfulness'


When we die: the final struggle


The levels of purgatory


More on purgatory


Where is Tim McVeigh now?


Woman who 'died and came back': those who deny Jesus will be surprised


Many approaching death have remarkable mystical experiences


Mysteries of the animal kingdom


'Life review' reported in near-death experiences


The Levels of Purgatory


'At the moment of death you are conscious of the separation of the body and soul'


Christmas Is Ideal Time To Heal Family Trees And Pray For Those In Purgatory


The day two seers saw heaven


When we die: the netherworld and the final struggle


A nun speaks from purgatory


Obscure 19th-century manuscript backs up Medjugorje revelation about Christmas


The levels of purgatory


Researcher: do doubt about afterlife


Minister claims vision of hell


Former nightclub owner claims glimpse of future


Near-death night-club owner saw tidal waves coming


Night-clubber also saw attack on Vatican


Discerning near-death experiences


Near-death experiencer saw trouble for New York, East Coast


Christmas and the release of souls from purgatory


Afterlife and the Vision of God


Alleged ghost-apparition at Kateri shrine


Asbestos Expert Who Was Electrocuted Says He Has Since Seen 'Jesus' And Saints


Visions From Beyond: Woman Reflects On Her Glimpse Of Eternity And The 'Future'


When We Give Him Sufferings, Jesus Gives Us Heaven Where Everyday Is Christmas


Purgatory And What It's Probably Like: Protestants Too Report Experiences


Concept Of Purgatory, Now Disbelieved, Still Looms With The Fire Of God's Love


Revelation In Book Known As 'Secrets Of Purgatory' Grants Glimpse Of Afterlife


When We're Grateful and Thank God For Trial Of Life, We Decrease Purgatory


At Last Stop In Purgatory, At Threshold, There Is Said To Be A Preview Of Paradise


Resurrection Of Jesus: Have There Been Others Who Have Risen From The Dead?


Husband Of Seer Dies In Holy Way As The Blessed Virgin Comes To Take Him 'Home'


Woman Who Slipped To The 'Other Side' Recommends Special Heavenly Praises


The 'Other Side': Doctor Describes Death, Encounter With Jesus


When The Saints Go Marching In, They Do So With 'Holy Souls'-- If We Pray Them In!


The Secret of the Poor Souls in Purgatory


Despite Age of Skeptics, Many Still Ask: Do Souls Communicate From The Other Side


There Was Another St. Nicholas And His Gift Was Saving Souls In Deep Purgatory


St. Patrick Brings Up Thoughts Of Irish Mysteries Such As 'Island Of Purgatory'


Unearthing Of St. Paul's Tomb Brings Up A Mystery: Did He Write Of Afterlife Vision?


After 'Fire Of Affliction' Should Come  Expectation Of The Lord's Good Fortune


Purgatory Or Hell? Woman Who 'Killed' Herself Recounts Vision Of Virgin Mary


Summer Devotions For Purgatorial Souls Is Christmas in July For Them


The Year Of The Eucharist And The Holy Souls In Purgatory 


If Largest Number Of Souls Are Released On Christmas, Next To That Comes Easter


Christmas Seen As Best Time To Pray For Release Of The Holy Souls In Purgatory


As A New Year Begins So Does Chance To Start 2006 With 'First Friday' Devotions


During Month Of Souls, Saint To Recall Is Mystic Known As 'Gertrude The Great'


'Prayer, Suffering' Were Motto For Nun Who Started An Order To Help Departed


Avoiding Purgatory: Masses Should Be Offered For Living, Including Ourselves


Padre Pio -- Champion of The Holy Souls


St. Joseph To The Rescue Of Souls In Purgatory


Death Of Close Relatives Often Leads To Special Missions As Well As Family Grace


Once Assigned To Superstitious Dust Bin, 'Ghosts' May Be Souls In Need Of Prayer


Descriptions of Near-Death Experiences May Bear Link to Much of New Testament


The Mystery Of Gregorian Masses: Pope Was Champion Of Holy Purgatorial Souls


A Key Ingredient To Entering Heaven Is To See Through The Heart Instead Of Brain


In Near-Death Episodes, Heaven Is Mostly Described, But Some Brushes Are Hellish


Far From 'The End', Indications Are That After Death We Will See Relatives Again


Bible And Near-Death Experiences Both Indicate That Heaven Has Various Levels


Child Near-Death Experiences Seem To Back Vatican's View In Regard To 'Limbo'


Woman Declared 'Dead' for 20 Minutes Returned with Description of 'God's City'


Before Current Pontiff Was Another  Benedict Who Urged Mass For The Living


'At the Moment of Death You Are Conscious of the Separation of the Body and Soul'


Research Indicates That Totally Blind Can See During Near-Death Experiences


From the mailbag: Woman who had near-death experience as eight-year-old was shown mysterious 'clock'


Prophecies From Near-Death Accounts Parallel Predictions Of Blessed Virgin 


From Famous Actor To Hospice Nurses, Insights Have Been Gained Into Afterlife


The One Consistency With Those Who 'Die' And Return Is Losing Their Fear Of Death


Studies Indicated That Saintly Figures, Including Mary, Appear At Hour Of Death


Despite Trappings Of The World, Rich And Famous Also Report Near-Death Brushes


When A Virginia Woman 'Died', The Lesson Was In Reality Of An Obscure Scapular


Pope Recounted Near-Death Experiences Strikingly Similar To Modern Cases


Stung By Most Venomous Of Creatures, Man Says He Encountered 'Light' Of Lord


Woman Who 'Died' Claims Jesus Will Be Surprise For Those Who Deny Him


Researcher Says Between One And Five Million Have Caught Glimpse Of Eternity


From Near-Death Folks To The Pope, The Prophetic Talk Is Of A 'Time Of Upheaval'


Cardiologist Recounts Case In Which Both Dying Man And Wife Saw Jesus


Visions From Beyond: Woman Reflects On Her Glimpse Of Eternity And The 'Future'


We All Have An Earthly Mission And At Death There's No Loss Of Consciousness


Every Day We're Given The Chance To Avoid Traps And Advance Toward Christ


Life May Seem Bitter And Short, But How Great Is Reward For Those 'Well Tested'


Heaven is beyond earthly minds


Have Those Who Experienced Near Death Returned With A Landscape Of Heaven?


During Our Judgment, It Will Often Be 'Little' Things That Count Most With God


In death, we are more alert than ever


In Preparation For Eternity, Meditate On Your Life And Pray To Fix Past Damage


On Day We Remember Dead, Recognize Too That Trials Of Life Help Avoid Purgatory


However Daunting Purgatory May Seem,  Souls There Have Seen Light And Mercy


Intriguing Is Notion That In Heaven We'll Meet Not Just Relatives But Ancestors


Height of eternity is Vision of God


As We Remember Purgatorial Souls We Also Can Know We See Relatives Again


Through Prayer And Spirituality, Fear Of Death Melts Into Anticipation And Joy


At Top Level Of Purgatory Is A Place Of Heaven-Like Looks And Final 'Expiation'


Giving Alms And The Release Of Holy, Suffering Souls In Purgatory


In Scripture And Near-Death Accounts Is Mystery Of Those Called 'Ancient Ones'


Woman Who Had Near-Death Experience Recalls Surprising Way She Was 'Judged' 


With Love, Faith, And Patience, 'Impossible Things Just Take A Little Longer'


Businessman Says He Was Given Preview Of What Some Expect To Be 'Illumination'


Brilliant Light Seen At Death Returns To Help Woman Heal Critically Ill Child


Medical Researcher Has Documented More Than A Thousand Near-Death Cases


Purifying on earth worth hundreds of times purification after


Cry of a Lost Soul 


Mysteries Of The Bible: What Did Jesus Mean About The 'Dead' Burying The Dead?  


Special Was Saint Who Taught Powerful Way To Aid Souls Tortured In Purgatory


Earthbound: Concept Of Souls Attached To World Highlights Role Of Purgatory


Taken To Purgatory, Mystic Glimpsed The Fruit Of Her Sacrifices And Intercession


Before Achieving The Presence Of God, There Is Often What's Called 'Expiation'


In Dark Times Know That Banishing Fear Sets You Free To Fly Into Joy Of Eternity


Priest Says That In Brush With Death He Saw Priests And Bishops In Hell, Heaven


No One Wants To Hear Or Preach About Hell, But One Fact Remains: Its Existence


What it's like in Heaven


Consoling thoughts on purgatory


Twelve steps to avoiding purgatory


Glimpses of the eternal: the power of repentance


The afterlife and abortion


A convert's dedication to purgatory


Guardian angels and purgatory


The Portiuncula indulgence


Legendary island and purgatory


Praying for ancestors


'Purgatory box' helps with eternity


The benefits of praying for the souls


New Michael Brown book on afterlife


Did near-death brush influence Bible?


St. Philip Neri and souls in purgatory


Souls in purgatory become 'escorts'


Presence of loved ones and angels felt during crises of life and death


For discernment: when the deceased seem to console


Why souls are called 'poor' and 'holy'


When the deceased seem to manifest


'Traveling salesman' of purgatory


Near-death: an incredible 'Light'


Viewers recount manifestation by deceased relatives


Yes, there is the darkness of hell


Lowest purgatory: close to hell but Heaven-bound


How Jesus is in Heaven


Do 'earthbound' spirits affect us?


Near death: a trip through the stars?


The other side: yes, there is a hell


Did Jesus allude to 'earthbound'?


Dying like 'going home'


More on 'ghosts' and what Jesus said


Sister of St. Thérèse said saint went into 'ecstasy' over obscure book


Are souls in hell destroyed?


What 'The End' said about Heaven


Padre Pio, Mass, and dispelling spirits


When deceased manifest, it's often for prayer, consolation


Priest Emphasizes Power Of Forgiveness Not Just Of Those Alive But Also Dead


Brush with death shows God as 'discerner of all secrets'


On entering Heaven, we see souls we prayed for


Avoiding 'void' of purgatory


Mass music should resemble Heaven


Near-death insights


Do animals have an afterlife?


Whether or not they go to Heaven, many see spiritual link in animals


When deceased loved ones manifest


Our true home is beyond the Star of Bethlehem


Seeing true praise


Minister recounts a trip to 'hell'


Minister saved from hell claims he was granted a glimpse of angels and the future


Man who had 'near-death' brush describes approaching God


Mystery church has strange burn marks


Visions of 'dead' lead to insights on purgatory


Doctor claims that before birth some babies have near-death experiences


More accounts of signs from deceased relatives


Viewer recounts 'signs' from deceased


Incredible medical procedure doesn't stop journey to 'Light'


Doctor's blockbuster book: 'no doubt on afterlife'


'Ripple effect' of our actions reviewed after death


Fires of hell -- or purgatory?


God's touch in 'visitation' dreams


Woman glimpsed other side after failed abortion


Of angels and 'visitation' dreams


Nurses increasingly report 'spirits' in hospitals


Did a bishop haunt a rectory?


Discernment beat: hospital 'ghosts'


Those dying said to encounter 'roomful'


Virginia healer tells of near-death experience


Questionable 'revelation' reminds us of hellfire


Book excerpt: earthbound spirits


Woman who survived African genocide was healed by deceased relatives


Visions of the netherworld


Woman says most near-deathers encounter Jesus


'Oldest' church said to house spirits


Both near-death witnesses and saints saw incredible 'light'


Nebraska boy testifies that 'heaven is real'


Of Father's Day and purgatory


Seers at apparition saw 'passage' to eternity


Praying for purgatorial priests


Man recounts death-glimpse of heaven and 'secret' message


Pain of returning to earth recalled by man who came back from death


St. Bridget and freeing souls in purgatory


Kansas Baptist encountered Blessed Mother in a near-death episode


You'll shed the 'chains' of earth in Heaven


Mary rescues doctor during near-death episode


When 'Jewish' boy was beaten for going to church, it led to a glimpse of purgatory


Little booklet claims soul in hell communicated with nun


British doctor claimed problems arise when dead are not mourned


In His mercy, God often removes fear at death


Afterlife: loved ones who die at same time


Harshness can get you purgatory


Praying for souls who send 'signs'


Those who glimpse eternity come back with new view of life and even (alleged) 'electrical' effects


Mailbag: the deceased who send signs


Insights into the future, from Charles Dickens to near-death experiences


Again the question: do pets live forever?


Depictions of the 'jewels' of Heaven


While Jesus resurrected in body, we're given glorified ones in Heaven


Viewers relate experiences and feelings on whether animals have souls


Dead wrong: reincarnation goes against Church teaching


Whether Heaven or Hell, media has been reporting on 'other side' for decades


Witnesses to the other side and the veil of secrecy


Testimony of dying: firm ground in 'vineyard of the Lord'


Holy man: say prayer of thanksgiving before you receive request


In Heaven are delights and beauty we try to imitate


The Eucharist helps us attain Heaven


For discernment: the 'book of your life' in the 'archives of Heaven'


The afterlife: levels of Heaven and purgatory


Dentist describes near-death trip to netherworld


Whether Catholic or Mormon, near-death experiences bring challenge in discernment


What's Heaven like? Ask these doctors


Prayer need: do souls from purgatory manifest?


How to discern near-death experiences?


Between here and eternity is a thin 'veil,' behind which are beloved deceased


Purgatory and Lent


Hospitals increasingly place of supernatural encounters


Near-death glimpses of the netherworld


Of blind men and eternity


Who will know you in Heaven?


Priest relates experiences with souls in purgatory


In Heaven, the communication is spirit to spirit


Of the many levels of purgatory is the 'outer darkness'


Unsettled souls, occult watch: the 'ghosts' of Gettysburg


About eternity


Glimpses of eternity


Woman who had near-death brush says she encountered Christ


Mailbag: strange (purgatorial) things Christmas night


At Christmastime, the 'veil' thins


Nationality and culture do not affect near-death reports


Researcher linked St. Paul to possible 'near-death' experience


Who gets out of purgatory first?


Those who have 'died' and returned on Good Friday


Did a non-Catholic 'tycoon' see Mary?


Purgatory: forgiveness versus 'expiation'


Serenity and a great light, often, at the moment of death


Annals of the afterlife: the aroma of sanctity


The darker side of death


Of animals and eternity


While concepts have fire in hell, others have seen pits and caves


Did a member of the Knights see Jesus?


The moment of death: rarefied, anointed


Afterlife: the fires of  hell


Woman who 'died' returned with stigmata


Former Marine from Louisiana says he encountered 'Abraham's bosom'


Did Marine witness battle between a demon and Michael?


About all those 'ghost' accounts


Mailbag: a journey to the depths of hell?


'Over the hill I heard my deceased father saying "Jesus, Jesus"'


Did African pastor 'resurrect' after death?


The other side: why it will feel like home


What about aborted babies and the afterlife?


Study: not all death experiences are pleasant


Nothing is more important at the moment of death than the encounter with Jesus


Skydiver 'fell into Heaven'


What you take to Heaven


(Alleged) visions of purgatory


As times darken, 'fall' into Heaven


Afterlife: the 'waiting room' of Heaven


In the hereafter are 'guardians'


When you pray for souls in purgatory, they pray for you


States of the afterlife: is purgatory an actual place?


Afterlife experiences provide 'best possible news,' says oncologist


Buddhists and experiences with hell


The cities of Heaven


At her tomb, did Saint Teresa relate the reality of near-death?


Avoid purgatory by aiming 'high'


Ascending through purgatory


The mercy of purgatory


Dying from covid, executive encountered God, devil


Caught on camera: ghost stories



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