Mary, Undoer of Knots

As Time Itself Seems To Have Sped Up, It's Time To Head For The Blessed Sacrament

In A Culture Immersed In Anger, Remember That Such Feelings Bring You Misfortune

The Next Time You Are Tempted To Battle, Sit Back And Let God Duke It Out

The Scriptural Rosary powerhouse

Gifts of the Holy Spirit are available to us all; just pray for them

When Handled With Optimism, Even 'Trials Of Job' Turn Into A Period Of Grace

When The Enemy 'Slings' His Arrows, Get Rid Of Them With The Spirit Of God's Joy

If You Want To Draw Down The Blessing Of God, Try Being A Blessing To Others

We come in close contact with God with tears and cries from the heart

Man’s state of mind partly depends on his words, says priest in Medjugorje

When we stop criticizing we see flow of grace

When the Holy Spirit comes

When it hurts, is it God 'pruning' you?

Nothing is more potent than Precious Blood

When We're Endlessly Blocked, It's Time To Cast Spirit Away In the Name of Jesus

Greatest joy come from closeness to God

Prayer brings protection against fear, darts of enemy

With eyes of faith we turn defeat into joy

The miraculous statue that has saved New Orleans — and can again

With prayer, there is always an 'exit'

There are 'gifts' waiting for you

Economic trends looking increasingly like the end of the Roaring Twenties

Stop complaining and watch grace flow

Nothing brings us closer to God than thanking Him

'Humility drives away the devil'

The power of fasting

The incredible power of love

Prayer bring faith and joy

Praying with 'holy determination'

Go with what gives you peace

Ask for the bigger blessings

If you want to be happy, be who you are

The Strength Of God Comes Through Us When We Pray With Strength

Former 'playmate' converts after vision of Christ in Light

The joy of the Holy Spirit

Faith unlocks power that separates us from evil

Peace and love

If you're going to pray 'Jabez,' add the Name of Jesus

Laugh, grow strong, and chase devil away

True faith

No room for fear

Stop that first bad thought

When doors close for you

What's In A Name? From Priest To Bounty Hunter, All Have Role To Play For Christ

Sister Lucia had hailed Imitation of Christ

Radiation Of Christ Seen At Resurrection Now Flows From The Blessed Sacrament

Drawing close to Immaculate Mother means detachment from this world

You'll Find Peace When You Realize That You're The One Creating All the Tension

A Cross In Life Is Correcting The Lies Of The World And The Faults Of Each Other

Priest Says 'To Forgive Is Divine' -- And Brings Astonishing Healing Results

Whether A Hurricane Or In Our Lives, Joy Comes From Sadness If We Preserve

Catholics and the 'prayer of Jabez'

Self-Discipline Is At Heart Of Spiritual Development And A Key To Spiritual Gifts

One Means of Preserving Peace Is Receiving All Things As Coming From God

Invocation given by Our Lady of America

Lest We Forget, The Ultimate Value Of Eucharist Is The Attainment Of Heaven

With The Eucharist Comes Humility and with Humility Comes A Glimpse Of Heaven

Heaven Will Be Like The Constant And Endless Reception Of The Holy Eucharist

Pray Before The Blessed Sacrament And You Can Purge Even The Slightest Sins

On The Road To Heaven, Nothing Is More Enjoyable Than Spiritual Cleanliness

Among Revelations Of Our Time Are Signs Linked To Blessed Sacrament, Adoration 

Lent Is The Time To Search Our Souls And Break Evil Bondage Through Confession

Mass Brings Alive Real Power Of Christ And Places Us Higher Than King's Throne

The Formula For Salvation Is In Both  Eucharist And High Praises To Christ

Antidote To Pride, Lust And Purgatory Is Found In Real Power Of The Eucharist

The Liturgy Should Be One Huge Display Of Gratitude For Very Fact Of Existence

In Times Of Turmoil, Tension, Or Trouble, Head For The Solace Of The Eucharist

When It Comes Time To Spread The Gospel, It Is Also Time To Listen To God

The More We Use The Gifts God Has Given Us, The More Miraculous They Become

With Eyes Of Faith We Turn From Defeat To Joy And From Victim To Victorious 

When Faith Is Exercised In All Things, Big Prayers Are Answered In A Very Big Way

When Spiritual Attacks Come Through Family, Remember to Disengage

At a Time Of Aridity, Bishops Are Urged Not To Quash But To Promote Adoration

There Is Nothing Like Feeling The Holy Spirit, And For That We Pray Without End

Forcing Things Causes Blocks While Letting Go Let's Life Unfold Before Us

When We Hit Rock Bottom, That's When We Find A Foundation We Can Build On


The 'gift of tears'


God's Gives Us All Equal Gifts When We Recognize That, We Soar To Happiness


Forget The Rush Of Modern Life And Give The Gift Of Time To Others And Yourself


Find a Way to Love Everyone You See and the Glow of God Will Surround You


Faith leads to signs and joy


Cast off spirits of failure


At a time of 'craziness,' go for spirit of humility


When There's Something You Just Can't Shake, God May Want You To 'Go Deeper' 


Get Off The Treadmill Of Stress And Know That God Is Everywhere We Let Him


When We Go With God's Flow, We Also Find The Lord's Greatest Favor


When We Give Up Rigidity In Our Lives, We Make Room For The Lord And His Miracles


To Avoid 'Curses' And Deep Wounds, Do What Christ Said And Turn Other Cheek


Gregorian Masses--What They Are And Why We Should Have Them Offered!


Instead of Gulping Down Life Take A Step Back, Pray, and Seize Each Living Moment


'Pray, Hope, And Don't Worry' Or You May Prevent A Healing, Notes Anointed Priest


A feeling of unsettlement can mean someone is too close for comfort


Joy Is The Marker Of Health And A Sign That We Are In Touch With The Good Lord


The More Enthusiastic We Are Toward The Lord The More He Sends His Grace


No Matter What Troubles You, Overcome It By Approaching It With Joy


Joy Is The Marker Of Health And A Sign That We Are In Touch With The Good Lord


When It Comes To Life Decisions, Look For joy In What You 'Love'


If You Want Real Happiness, Look Inward And Find The Hidden Power Of Kindness


There Is Great Power In Stepping Back And 'Knowing The Other Person's Story'


Confession Urged As Means Of Clearing The Slate And Freeing The Soul From Spirits


When We Have Pride And Rigidity What We Build Is A Wall Against The Holy Spirit


God Wants You To Live A 'Large Life' And We Do That Through Him


Get Rid Of Block Caused By 'Little' Sins And Bright Path Will Unfold Before You


Secret Of Love May Be In Realizing That Most People Are Better Than You Think


At The Root Of Mysterious Disturbances In Life Are Often Manifestations Of Lust  


Magnify God And You'll Bring A Positive Force To Your Life, With Eyes Of Eternity


Darkness And Problems In Life Can Be Dispelled By Actual Light Of Adoration


During Mass And Especially During Lent, Pleading The Blood Has A Major Effect


The Sensation Of Tranquility Means The Spirit Is In Balance And Healing Can Begin


Magnify God With Praise And Thanks And He Will Magnify Everything Around You


An Astonishing Lesson Of Life Is That There Is No Reason To Remain Depressed


Find Who You Really Are And You Will No Longer Be Hurt By The Arrows Of Others


One Of The Great Tests In Life Is Patience -- And When We Fail We Are Tested Again


'Reverse The Curse' And Quench The Fiery Darts By Praying For Your Antagonists


When Someone Aggravates You, Drink Not Of That Poison But Step To Victory


Pray before problems begin


Nothing Is More Potent Against Evil Than Pleading The Precious Blood Of Christ


A Key To Life Is to Forget Trying to Make It Perfect Just Focus on Our Character


New alleged devotion: Rosary of Liberation


In A Rude World, The Answer Is One Day At A Time


In A World Where We Are Often Slighted, Antidote Is The Sword Of Joy From Love


We Feel Joy and Peace When We Follow That Formula Given At the Last Supper


Tests Of Life: The More God Takes Away, The More We're Left With


Being Negative Stops The Flow While The Positive Taps Into A 'Stream Of Miracles'


Whether Chastisement Or Our Own Lives, God Sends Events To Bring Us  Closer


Of Thanksgiving, A New Daughter -- And How Gratitude Opens The Door To Grace


Nothing Brings Us Closer To God Than Engaging The Heart And Thanking Him


Obsession With Time Puts Focus On What We Create and Away From Timeless God


There Is Power Is Everything We Say, And Darkness When We Misuse Our Tongues


Only through purity can we see what we need to see


Ask for bigger blessings


In The Arguments And Trials Of Life, The Powerful Route Is Often Way Of Silence


Memo To Wall Street: Try Following The Path Of This Billionaire

It's Fine To Watch The Weather As Long As We Monitor The 'Weather' Inside Of Us

Frenzy of Christmas, A Child's Mistake Was A Message Of Love

A Lesson Of Christmas: Sometimes When God Is 'Delayed,' He Has A Special Plan

Mailbag: Never Give Up Because Our God Is Often A God Of The 'Last Minute'

Defying Odds With Aid Of God Alone, Blind Couple Raised Ten Children 

Choose the right doors and win the secret petitions of your heart

From The Mail: In The Depths Of Prison Despair, Mary Came With Lesson Of Faith

New devotion based on 'Rosary of Liberation'

Only through purity do we see with right perspective

Of whiskey and the Rosary

Interview: Jim Caviezel, Star Of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion Of The Christ,” And Wife Kerri

Whether Or Not He Had 'Visions,' The Star Of The Passion Has Deep Passionate Faith

How St. Francis preached to Muslims

Mysteries of life: do animals really have spiritual dimension

Tough Though It Is Out There, Our Job In Life Is To Resist Evil By Remaining Positive

To Avoid 'Curses' And Deep Wounds, Do What Christ Said And Turn Other Cheek

A smile can be powerful spiritual tool

When We're Overweight, This Is Because  In Some Way We May Be Spiritually Empty

Physical And Spiritual Cleansing Comes When We Eat Right And Periodically Fast

Approach life with niceness and smile

At The Root Of Mysterious Disturbances In Life Are Often Manifestations Of Lust  

The Sound of His Voice: How Do You Tell When It's the Lord Speaking to You?

When It Comes To Discerning The Future, Pray To Know The 'Truth Of The Moment'

Believe It Or Not, There's Not A Person In The World More Important Than You

In secret depths of spirit is notion of a personal mission

The Sound of His Voice: How Do You Tell When It's the Lord Speaking to You?

When It Comes To Discerning The Future, Pray To Know The 'Truth Of The Moment'

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Gain the secret petitions of your life

We Rise To Heaven Quickest When We Have Risen Over the World's Temptations

The Next Time You Wake Up And Can't Get Back To Sleep, Try Prayers Of Healing

Avoid 'curse' of resentment by praying a blessing on everyone

Call On The 'Spirit Of Truth' And Watch  Answers Arrive With Sudden Clarity

Former 'Playmate' Converts After Vision Of Christ In Light

Tough Though It Is Out There, Our Job In Life Is To Resist Evil By Remaining Positive

Whether Real Storms Or Tempests In Our Lives, Key Is Developing 'Muscle' Of Faith

When You Are 'Blocked' Learn To Ask God And Often You Will Find The Root In Pride

Choose right 'door' at turns in life and gain secret petitions

*Begin living Heaven from this earth

Head for Light and let dark shadows fall behind you

From the mail: the heroes of war

In The Reaches Of God Is A Whisper That Informs Us Of Best Way To Reach Heaven

God can heal your past

When the Bible comes alive

The power behind the Scapular

Peace comes when we rest and control thoughts

When the negative comes, put up 'no vacancy' sign

'No Vacancy'

Don't let other define you; know who you really are

Praying for self-illumination

Our Lady of Surprises

The God of surprises

When God accents something for you, take it as a message in the tides of life

Secrets of praying in tongues

Hurricanes and the power of prayer

Recover your destiny

Are you ready to 'burst'?

Rid yourself of past hurts

What are your 'fruits'?

Do you talk or listen?

Rise from worldly worries

Of thanks and miracles

Humility drives spirits away

The bigger your problem, the greater your destiny

Time to purge stress

'Time of God' means to see beyond darkness

Find the way to brightness

*How babies heal

Avoiding worldliness

Flushing out 'hidden' spiritual hurts

Clearing 'secret chambers' of the soul

Make fear disappear

Watch faith cause miracles

*Stop worrying and look for miracles

Your 'secret chamber'

Step back from sinful 'first inclination'

During Holy Week Mass extra potent

Turn curses into blessings

Build your 'foundation' in Heaven

How God can even correct your past

When God answers prayer

When you are blocked from prayer...

Stop replaying past mistakes

The ears hear, and so does the spirit

The 'spirit of umbrage'

Don't look back at 'Sodom'

Have 'balance' in your life

The 'crows' that try to distract you

A sign of the times: disorientation

God's secret imprint on your soul

The power of marrying in the Church

Time to look for God's 'peak moments'

The prayer of 'no wine'

Archives: Our Lady of Surprises

Seeking God's 'inside information'

**As spirit of fear grips country, seek refuge in 'inner chambers'

Use gifts God has given you

Pray the Scriptural Rosary

St. Michael and his role in purgatory

Power of God's Will dwarfs a bomb

Don't look for Heaven on earth (nor with shining darkness)

Clear conscience of every lie

'Law of garbage truck'

When someone irks you, rise above it

Ask Holy Spirit what to eat and which tests to take

**This Christmas, get rid of deadly pride

Simplicity vs. arrogance of the Pharisees

Intuition comes when we pray

With fasting you fashion your robe in Heaven

*Let God speak for and through you

**Seek your 'highest self'

Seek your 'secret place'

Give your worries to God; wait for His surprise

The truth of your life

Tapping into the 'living waters'

Take on new 'you'

Rising above your personal anger

At time of extremes, find your 'right' spirit

A curse can't 'alight' if spirit is right

**Experience joy of Heaven on earth

Don't force things

Angels come when we forgive ourselves

Ignore the 'groundless indictment'

Spirituality: prime time to search for the truth

Don't confuse obsession with love

Vanity of vanities: avoiding darkness

If we're right with God, what do we care what others think?

Prayer is strongest when it's spontaneous

Look for victory in trials

Leave God an 'opening' and miracles happen

Cleanse internally and find your mission in life

To get the blessings God has for you, talk to the mountain, not about it

'Stand your ground'

Claim your blessing!

Cleanse your soul through gratitude

God speaks to us through intuition

Christmas Confession: let it go and it will go

Never lash out; God will vindicate you

Watch your innermost thoughts and step into paradise

Glimpse heaven by finding 'rhythm' of faith and casting out darkness

Man dedicated to ailing wife has vision of Heaven

Are you an excuser or accuser?

Don't let 'the world' define you

Time to replace weak images of Jesus with manly ones

In age of cancer, seek balance and Holy Spirit

God can go back into your past and undo spiritual and physical harm

Sweep fear away

Kindness brings balance and health

Magnify God, not your problems

God has a great plan for you

With Eucharist comes promise of Heaven

Trust in Christ and seek blessings God has in store for you

Acknowledge blessings at the crossroads of life

Aim for joy, not 'excitement'

With Christ, you're 'free to lose'

Turning blessings into miracles

Seek the ease of God

Seek God and don't worry

'By their fruits...'

Have charity but stop 'enabling'

Meditation: look beyond the clouds

Ignore the negative thoughts of others

Praise God and form a 'bridge to Heaven'

Cast out your 'false self'

Pray, and praise, with specificity

About your mission in life

Get close to God and it will rain everywhere but where you are

Rising above the 'Job experience'

Release unto God and He will put His Hand there when you need it

Head for your 'secret sanctuary'

Missionary surgeon who roamed world brought back lesson of 'God in the natural'

Watch your life closely and you'll note miracles are everywhere

The 'robe' you wear into eternity

Reach your higher self by reaching for the Infant

Remove rocks, boulders from your life stream

A Rosary of 'self-illumination'

Never resent, and break any 'curse' upon you

Don't let fear stop you from living

What are you 'bound' to?

Head for your inner sanctuary

Fear and pride go together

Claim your peace

This Lent, turn off the noise of the world

Answered prayers

Pray to see the 'big picture'

Finding peace as we lift the spiritual blinders

Achieving humility

Accept God's special gifts and ignore pace of the 'world'

Getting rid of demonism by praising God

It's prayer from the heart for joy that gets the attention of the Lord

Beware the 'spirit of control'

A monk who died amazingly well

A friend is a prophet

The spirit of umbrage

A test (and glory) of life? Weariness

When you're at your best, you are achieving your mission

Negativity only stymies you

Saying your prayers versus praying your prayers

Of drought and crop failure and genetic modification

Did angels prophesy to hidden Chinese worshippers?

Prevent blindness by elevating in vision of Heaven

Praying right and finding peace

Peel the false layer off the real 'you'

At a time of darkness, crucial is a focus on the Light

Wash away dark thoughts through discipline

Humility brings clarity of vision

The potholes of life: when God puts them there, they're blessings

Love is all that matters

Ascend to God's mountain and rise above turmoil

When God speaks through 'something we haven't seen before'

When God works 'suddenly'

'Prophesy' the positive over your life

Blessings are signposts to your destiny

How to beat the Christmas frenzy

When things don't go right, it may be God stirring up the pot

Worldliness keeps us from freedom in God

The biggest lie you tell is to yourself

The 'stream of life': don't block it

No one has more gifts than do you

Super Bowl ads and the sinister

No matter the mayhem, God can send a buffer of protection

The motions of nature versus grace

Go step by step and one day at a time

Of the Last Supper and the miraculous blessing of food

We permit evil by straying from God's design

When the breeze of the Holy Spirit rustles, He may be coming to take you to a better place

Tend to your own garden

When others insert themselves into your life

Judging spiritual fruits

Watching the tongue: hidden spiritual dangers

'Double your blessings' through humility

Keep the 'dust' off your spirit

With faith, the result is miraculous

In the test of life are imperfections we need to straighten out

In mystery of suffering is way to break bondage

Doesn't she look like Saint Philomena?

Days of victory, days of defeat: turn both in 'wins'

God hears those who have lowered themselves

God has a great plan for you

About spiritual blindness

True Transformation

When God allows a 'fender-bender'

When there is loss in your life, plant it with God

The sands of time

Break free of your 'final hold'

Discerning the truth

What God knows

Let the 'living waters' flow through you

God's nudges

Enduring contrary people

Exercise the gifts you have

Cleanliness of spirit can lead to health

Find peace by forsaking covetousness

Don't 'cling' and take away the balance of God

What God knows

Are you 'over-sensitive'?

A surprising Lenten meditation on detachment

The 'trash' inside is what attracts 'flies'

'Little things': the signs in your life

Have power in silence

Examination of conscience

Sometimes, for a blessed life, you have to stop repeating yourself

The Lord has a plan for you

Watch for little warnings; they can become big ones

Inspiration: recapture what was lost

Your mission is your destiny

Don't build walls; build bridges

Is there a  'toxic' relationship in your life?

God gives grace to those who need it

The remarkable interior life of John XXIII

Climb every mountain: joy is marker of good spiritual life

Friends 'for a season'

View 'dark' worldly events with eyes of Heaven

Are you in chains or a 'chain-breaker'?

Double your blessings through surrender

When 'opportunity' knocks

Go with the flow but make sure it's the right one

Don't let others drag you into their emptiness, arrogance

It's the resistances of life that offer 'lifting power'

Seek the Holy Spirit in your 'calm zone'

Before you enter battle, ask God

Life is like a dark 'warehouse'

Of Christmas trees and the crossroads of life

There is power in this word: silencio

Dreams: when they stir your soul, ask God about them

Life is full of joy when we forsake fear and move to 'higher anointing'

'Servant of God' Maria Esperanza taught crucial nature of having 'balance'

Cleanse your blood with His

Of Lent, temptation, and the Garden mystery: what was 'apple'?

Praising God casts away evil

Lent: time to cast out the sensuousness of self

Seek direct entry into Heaven

When someone steals your parking space, count your blessings

Forgiveness versus expiation

Go with God's schedule, not man's

Out there with God and gators

What does 'by their fruits' mean?

The truth always bears fruit, including in spiritual warfare

See yourself not through the eyes of others but through those of Jesus

Before making a major decision, make sure you have harmony inside

Truth in the heart

The 'Jericho prayer': fighting off a heavy-metal band

Sometimes, before healing, we have to forgive ourselves

No matter how rough it is out there, remember that you can't find victory if you plan for defeat

Invoking the power of God

Summer driving lessons: glide with the Spirit

Just try your best and you're headed for the highest reaches of Heaven

The gift of a turtle

Go directly to Jesus

Rejoice when others are blessed and you'll be blessed too

The mysterious trials of life

'Intuition': a higher form of intelligence

Don't let your 'living waters' grow stagnant

Take the high road

True selves: in Heaven you'll find out your real identity

Those who 'drain us' must sometimes be kept at a distance

The distance between us and others

Love is the opposite of 'blind'

When faced with persistent evil, silence may be key

God's fingerprints are on every moment of your life

Beware the lure of materialism

Different fruits

Doorways to your soul

This Lent, turn your 'selves' into one person

Paying off your 'spiritual mortgage' before death (and purgatory)

Be blessed

Taking the 'curves' of life

Beware the 'spirit of religiosity'

The 'gift of tears'

Expand your vision by 'being not of this world'

When you're blocked in prayer, pray for the 'best outcome'

Loneliness does not exist when we cling only to God

True greatness is in the truth of who you really are

Forgotten aspects of love

When resisted, shake off the 'grit'

Mailbag: more on the 'gift of tears'

Ringing the 'gold-toned bells' of Heaven

To bring us close, God often works in mysterious ways

Your gifts are your destiny

Your 'little martyrdoms' can get you to Heaven

Things will only be 'perfect' after a life of curves

View from here: a perilous political turn

'Fruits' tell us about others, and ourselves

Remember: anger does not enter Heaven

Count your blessings -- the ones you haven't yet received

Let God be your only audience

When the light comes, just hold it

Key to avoiding 'pit': rising above it

The opposite of love is anger

Christmas thought: patience dispels anger

The Star of Bethlehem is always there, when we have eyes to see it

Looking through the eyes of a Child

Let go of the past

Get rid of the clutter and baggage in your life

Find joy by growing in discipline

Speak health and joy into your life

Light comes when we exercise charity

Don't build a dam around your heart

Indian Christian saw Jesus and the afterlife

Go to the 'well' to find Jesus

The truth is the truth

When things go bump in the night

Often the best response to evil is silence

Listening to God

Love vanquishes the enemy

Just be a light

To be double-minded is to hide darkness

Miracles: the 'God jar'

With sacramentals, you can be shielded from anything

What to make of strange charisms?

Need a breakthrough? The 'Daniel Fast'

If they are 'tares,' you will know them

Idleness can cause decay of the spirit

A dramatic conversion turns into powerful 'testimony'

A 'word of knowledge': keep a distance

Have faith but don't tempt fate

Beware obsession

'Fools for Christ' are not fools of the world

When God audibly spoke to sports 'superstar'

The greatest gift

Mailbag: how God protects and answers

Look ye always for the manger

Cleansing prayer for New Year

New Year's and 'self-illumination'

Finding idols hiding in our lives

Only with humility can God's Grace take root

Mailbag: 'How I invoked Divine Mercy during Hawaii scare'

To receive Grace, expect the best

You get what you give

You never know

Monk has Adoration revelations

The crucial 'art' of discipline

Tap into the blessings in your heavenly account

Struck by prayer: the importance of intercession

In roiled times of evil, pray the Divine Mercy chaplet

A testimony on miraculous Mercy

Deep Confession

Formula for salvation

Plant yourself in good 'soil'

When you feel something 'major' coming

Spiritual life: take a deep breath and be kind

How wrong words from others can darken us

Locutions explain power of Adoration

Route to freedom: rising above the 'world'

Interview:  man who sees angels, demons

The sound of His Voice

Prayer: 'Jesus, bathe me with Your Light'

A soft heart is a tough one

Divine scheme: allowing work to be your sanctification

You never know

'Live in the supernatural'

Release your blessings

Discerning spiritual atmospheres

Speak words of expectation

Home protection prayer

Use power of prayer, not energy of anger

Seeing with eyes of supernatural

Christian, heal thyself

Reach true spirituality

Beware of angst

Happiness comes before success

Anger may sell, but it also ensnares

Give yourself a break

When the truth is hard to see

Dying with one's 'boots' on

The channel of Grace

Hone your gifts and give glory to God

When an atheist Harvard professor encountered the Virgin

Chip off cement around your heart

Did Apple founder really leave this incredible essay?

Learning from the Infant to detach from the world

Kindness as resolution for the new year

Be aware of shifts in your spiritual 'atmosphere'

Your life will transform if you stop 'partnering' with darkness

Freedom follows the truth, with which we rise above this clay

When we 'enable' evil, we're in league with it

With God we can go back through our lives and reclaim lost territory

Of 'dead' and 'living' wood

Lent is time to purify the robe you'll wear into eternity

Wait on God and bear His fruit

Listening to God during Adoration

Deep Confession during deepest Lent

Being 'naturally supernatural'

Change the 'channels' of your life

A statue amid the gators

Of crickets and cardinals and praising God

When something breaks, often we're left with something better

When the prayers of a nation (and Pope) saved three doomed astronauts

Setting yourself aglow

Fear not, when you have the Truth

Stress is less when it's in God's timing

Taking spiritual authority

Apparition of Saint Anthony left a powerful prayer against evil

Spiritual take: encouragement in discouragement

In the throes of turmoil, detach from 'world'

Find God's big plan for you

Tension often rooted in 'spirit of umbrage'



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